2016 Best of List!

I am posting a couple of things that were saved in my drafts....

I also discovered podcasts which have cut into my listening at work.

 Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi CoatesEvicted by Matthew DesmondThe Gene by Siddartha MukherjeeThe Ballad of Black Tom by Victor LaValle Lab Girl by Hope Jahren
Movies and TV:
Stranger Things was stupendousCaptain America: Civil WarWestworld (the show)Game of ThronesDeadpool
Going on vacation to Florida and introducing Eleanor to the beachB and I had a joint 40th birthday party which was lots of funspeaking of birthdays, Eleanor had a great 1st birthday party tooSeeing Stephen King speak in person

Bests of 2015!

Yes, i'm a bit late.

 Overall, just going for a ballpark figure, I think I read somewhere between 45-55 books last year.  This includes a LOT of comics.  I read some Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Saga, and Hellblazer, the one about John Constantine.  I also tore through a good number of mysteries by Dorothy Sayers, and some modern mysteries like The Girl on the Train and Career of Evil.  And I did a bunch of rereading of Jane Austen, the Brontes, Agatha Christie, Tolkien...a lot of rereading. 

So what were the best things?

All the Dorothy Sayers I read was amazingThe Girl on the TrainLove and Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere by Poe BallantineI read the first 6 volumes of Hellblazer, the John Constantine ComicThe Three Body Problem by Liu CixinArmada by Ernest ClineMovies and TV:
Avengers: Age of UltronMad Max: Fury RoadStar Wars: The Force Awakens (what's with the subtitle thing I've got going here?)The MartianGame of Thrones Season 6 Jessica Jones I watched all of the Ha…

I'm ALIVE!!!

Though that was never really in doubt.  I have had an incredibly crazy last 9 months.  Here's the main reason:

This lovely lady is Eleanor Octavia!   Here she is awake:
 And having some yogurt:

And reading a book a few months ago:

She was due to be born at the end of May but she just couldn't wait to meet us.  She decided to show up 10 weeks early on St. Patrick's Day!  She weighed all of 2 pounds 12 ounces but other than being so small she was very healthy.  She was on oxygen in the NICU for about a week but after that just got better and better.  After 7 weeks hanging out there, she was able to come home. The doctors, nurses, and specialists were all so amazing and gave Eleanor, and us, such great care.  We're so thankful for them!

Here we are on the day we finally go to come home!

It's been amazing and exhausting.  I started a new full-time job in August so that made everything even more crazy; it threw our whole schedule out and I also now get so much less sleep.  :(…

wow, I haven't blogged in 2 months!

Ok, this really really surprises me.  I knew it had been a bit but I had no clue that I had gone 2 months without really touching this blog. On the one hand, I'm a little disappointed in myself; I definitely like writing about what I'm reading and I haven't really been keeping up with even titles.  On the other hand, I've been super busy with work (even though I'm half-time, and we had 8 days off recently for the snow) and with personal events.  

That personal event?  Well, if you're a Facebook friend you've seen that I announced a few weeks ago that B and I are expecting our first kid at the end of May!  We're having a girl.  No name yet but I am sure we'll come up with something. 

I'm feeling great;  I'm having an incredibly easy pregnancy.  Hope she comes out just as easily! Even having no problems though I'm still busy.  So many Dr appointments!  And B and I are trying to spend lots of time together since that will be a bit curtailed c…

Yet Another Best of the Year Post

I am a little shocked that we've gotten to "end of the year post" time already.  I know everybody says this but this year really has passed quickly it seems, at least the fall has.  

As always, these are things that were new to ME this year, not necessarily published or released this year.  And not just 10 of things!

The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches by Alan BradleyThree Parts Dead by Max GladstoneThe Death of Bees by Lisa O'DonnellFive Days at Memorial by Sheri FinkMy Real Children by Jo WaltonLife After Life by Kate AtkinsonThe Lucifer Box series by Mark GatissThe Silkworm by Robert GalbraithPale Fire by Vladimir NabokovHard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki MurakamiKindred by Octavia ButlerThe Bone Clocks by David MitchellNight Film by Marissa PessiFever Pitch by Nick Hornby
Graphic Novels:
March, Book 1 by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate PowellSaga, Volume 3 by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona StaplesSex Criminals Volume 1: One Weird Trick by Mat…

Total numbers!

I had a pretty good reading year!  I read a LOT of library books and many Kindle books too, especially in these last few months.  

Books Read Total: 112

Library books: 93
YA/Children's Lit: 30
Non-fiction: 10
Graphic Novels: 20
Audio books: 5
Kindle: 40

These numbers include 4 more non-fiction books that I'm not quite ready to discuss yet.  I feel like I did pretty well this year.  Studying for comps and doing an internship last spring had my numbers pretty low, but then being unemployed for 5 months, and half-time employed at a school since then, gave me a LOT of time to read.  I suppose it balanced out. Here's to great reading in 2015!

What I read on my Vacation

I got through 2 books on my vacation.  We met up with some of my family in Orlando for a few days and went to Disneyworld and Universal Studios with them.  

Jackaby by William Ritter:  This is a YA novel, which I didn't realize when I picked it up.  It is a sort-of mashup of Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes.  It takes place in the late 19th century in a fictional New England town.  The narrator is a girl, Abby Rook, who is about 20. She arrives after running away from university to find adventure.  She meets and becomes the assistant to Jackaby, a man who uses Holmes' methods to deal with fantastical creatures and supernatural beings.  It was a cool setup and a well-written world.  I figured out the mystery plot pretty quickly but it is written for middle schoolers.  I'd say I would have loved it at that age and I will read any sequels. a 6.

The Art of English Murder by Lucy Worsley: This book is a non-fiction look at murder and crime in British literature from the early 1…