Happy Boxing Day!

So my BF had the day off as he works at a local hospital, while I had to work, as I work at a cel phone company. At least I didn't have to work on Christmas, which I have done before and sucks royally. The worst things about working on Christmas are the customers. They always say things like "oh, it's so sad you have to work on the holiday!!" like they sympathize. well you know what? if you didn't fucking call or come into this store I wouldn't HAVE to work on the holiday!! Big fucking surprise. The logic of some people is nonexistent. Unfortunately I do have to work New Year's Day but I won't be there until 11 am so I should manage ok.

My BF did a great job this year. I had asked everyone I know for gift cards to best buy so I could go buy a particular camera. My BF went and bought the camera! Super sweet. I got him a PSP so he will no longer annoy me on long car rides. also stuffed myself on turkey. We went to a friend's house and deep-fried one as we did last year. Excellent nosh.

I intend to come up with a big post about what I intend to do with this blog. Sort of like people who are in therapy declare what they want to get out of it. Hopefully I will have that done in another few days for posting.

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