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no i am not dead

I am not dead, not in hospital, have not won the lottery and am not in Paris. I am not pregnant, not a new mom, not on vacation (anymore). I am not out of work, not without an internet connection, and my computer did not get water on it.

I am just really really bad about updating.

Bunch of Quick Links

Haven't posted in forever I know. I plan to make a longish post about what i've been reading/seeing recently sometime this weekend. Until then, i have a bunch of links.

HRC hates Rick Santorum. For obvious reasons.

A blog that REALLY hates him. This is also the first thing on GOOGLE when you search "santorum". Sweet.

Chinese guys lip-syncing to Backstreet Boys.And again. I feel bad for their roommate. He seems to be constantly trying to ignore them by playing DOOM or something.

I never really watched Superfriends. Maybe i should have.


Maybe i should start watching Robot Chicken.

All Moved In

I can't believe it has been 3 weeks since I posted last. Moving moving moving. We are now in the new place and I am loving it. We actually started moving in Friday May 5 but we had the majority of our things moved on the 6th. The indoor pic is the living room before we had unpacked much. It is a telling fact that first we had the Direct TV going, then we started working on the bathroom. Living with BF so far isn't much different than almost living with him before.

One thing I did to delay packing up was put books on my LibraryThing. I had about 40 paperbacks in a box that was open and only about half full. Some I remember I had and some I did not. I found out a lot of random things about myself. and my collection and my tastes.
My Mercedes Lackey books look like there is no logic or reason behind my choices. In fact there is: I only purchased the ones the Nashville Library didn't have!I love my favorites too much. My copy of The Vampire Lestat is underlined and highlig…

An Interesting Site

So the other day BF sent me this link. It is a website that catalogs your books for you. As I am a huge reader I thought it could be pretty interesting. I figured I would add a few I owned and look about at what other people had. It's pretty cool. You can look at other's who own your books, see what else they recommend, etc. I ended up adding all the books on the shelf in my bedroom and all the ones from one shelf on the bookcase in my living room. Have another whole shelf to go, plus all the boxed ones that aren't sitting out. Here's my catalog so far. I am crazy eclectic but I think I can see some themes.


Just go watch it. You know you want to.

We Got An Apartment

So we found a place!! On April 1 we went to Lakes of Bellevue and really liked it. we'll be paying 311 each for a 3 bedroom 2 bath on the bus line. BF can keep the DirecTV and i can keep the cable modem. BF's roommate gets the big bedroom with the attached bathroom so that when we have guests we'll have the open bathroom. anyone want to help us move May 6?

currently: catching up on The Daily Show and Colbert Report

Searching Searching

So about a month or so ago BF invited me to live with him once he moves in may. So the last few weeks we have been looking. First the roommate wasn't coming with, now he is. So first we were searching for a two bedroom, now a three. Looking is exhausting. I haven't moved in 4 years really, 3 yrs ago May I went from a two bedroom with a roommate to a one bedroom in the same place so that doesn't really count. Back when my old roomie and I chucked in into Antioch from Murfreesboro she really took charge of the move. Donna is good like that.

I have been calling places all morning and have a bunch of appointments set for tomorrow. We just have such specific search criteria: 3 bedroom, 2 bath, near Hillsboro village/green hills area, on the bus line, $1200/month or less. We've even been looking at houses. You'd be amazed how many 3 bedroom houses only have 1 bathroom.

I am ready for a nap. Ugh.

A New Project

So I have been reading a lot of different blogs recently and decided a need some sort of project or goal for mine, as well as just using it for a place to bullshit. I have been thinking for the last few weeks about this. I have read some really interesting ones, involving an atheist going to church, a family's trip to India, English language pet peeves and proper usages, raising humanist kids, and a skier in Colorado who takes great pictures. Just a few random ones I have read.

I thought and thought. I am a reader so I thought about reading all Shakespeare's plays or everything Dickens wrote but I already read too much and am trying to do that less. I like music but catching up on my CD collection would be expensive. I considered going to all the historical markers in Davidson County but decided that would be a while and use too much gas.

then it came to me. I am really into movies. There are plenty of older ones and classics I haven't gotten around to seeing. I have …

BF Is Funny

Sometimes stuff happens and I remember why I like BF so much. It is his sarcasm, his off-the-cuff comments, his insane sense of humor. He may not be the lovey-dovey guy that I sometimes wish he was but when it comes to making me laugh I couldn't ask for better.

Today we went to the mall; first we went into Linen's and Things to look for a wine rack (BF is trying to get into wine) and then we went to Victoria's Secret. The only thing I ever buy there is underwear because their bras don't fit me right. BF is cool about going into places like that, possibly because I so rarely drag him with me to anything girly. So I pick out some underwear and am checking out when I notice 3 boys who were about 11 or so just wandering through the store. BF sees me look at them then walks up with a huge smile and says
"They came up and asked me if I was shopping for my wife. I said no, I just like to come in and touch things."I about died laughing then. I kept telling him…

Drunk Blogging

yes, I am at home, drunk, at 9pm on a Friday night. BF and I are watching the UCONN game. BF cooked fajitas tonight and I am working my way through a bottle of wine. Just chilling.

My new work schedule starts on Sunday. Now I get to be Customer's Bitch from 7 am to 3:30 pm. At least I won't have to eat dinner at 10 at night anymore. I was getting damn sick of that. I so need a new job. BF wants me to go back to school but I don't know. It's been so long since I was in school don't know if I would manage well.

I found out my brother and his wife are having a boy. He's due the end of July so I need to figure some time out in August or September to go see them. My little niece turns 2 in October so maybe I'll go for that. I found some cute LSU baby socks I am going to send to them and realized I just can't send 1 present anymore; I need to send one for each kid now. I like being the cool aunt. Shelby is getting the soundtrack for the Curious Geo…


Thanks NIT!! They had the Snakes on a Plane trailer updated today so I finally got to watch. Oh it looks bad!! :) Really bad. I have seen better CGI on Star Wars fan films. Either this is a way early cut that will be improved on or I predict this will be the biggest unintentional comedy of the last few years. Last big unintentional comedy we saw was Jeepers Creepers.

Still winning my brackets over on Yahoo. YIPPEE!! Just by a point right now; everything looks pretty good although UCONN and Boston College were fucking with me on Sunday. I am beating BF, BF's dad, and BF's brother. Fun!

Went to see V for Vendetta on Saturday. On IMAX. So ultra fucking sweet. I have been craving this movie ever since BF heard it was coming out. BF is the biggest Matrix fan ever. He got the comic several months ago which I finally read about Christmas. I love Alan Moore's stuff in general and this one is just so topical. We always hang for the credits and at the end was the typic…

Late Night Blogging

Went and hung at Bosco's tonight. BF has a mug there and we usually go on most Fridays, while BF sometimes goes other nights too. Pretty fun crowd there but of course was crazy busy. Had to leave because I had a tummy ache. I only had 2 beers early but I think I went to long without eating, then when I ate it just made it worse.

I heard Snakes on a Plane had a trailer out but I cannot find it anywhere. UGH!

I am winning my brackets so far. I'm on Yahoo Tournament Pick'em with BF and a few others. I always suck really bad, having just 1 team in the Final Four which doesn't go any further. This year I tried to be serious. I pulled up Dick Vitale's picks, threw in some stuff I read of ESPN about 12 seeds beating 5's every year and your Final Four teams total seeds needing to be between 7 and 15, added a dash of who I had heard of and BAM I am number one in our group so far.

Happy St Patrick's Day!!

Funny Vid

I am definitely a guy's kinda girl. It's not just the football, basketball, beer drinking and swearing. It's the little things, like knowing the difference between an Autobot and a Decepticon, being able to defend the position that Leia in a metal bikini is so way hotter than Padme in her dominatrix outfit, knowing who the original X-men were, knowing how many Robins there have been, appreciating the excellence that is South Park. guys at work are always bringing me stuff to read ranging from The Sentry graphic novel to The Big Book Of Bad. so much so that i am pretty much not reading much of my own stuff i bring anymore. Today someone brought me a link to this vid. so very very cool.

but while there, i also found a link to this one, which is also funny. the quality on it is not so great tho; I bet it would have been equally cool with the Street Fighter 2 background music.

And thanks to Nashville Is Talking for linking to me last Thursday!!

Made It Through The Weekend Fine

BF and I survived the weekend together. Had a good time and I will probably post pictures in the next few days.

couple quick things.

Chef is leaving South Park! Seems like this is a bad breakup; I shudder to think what they'll do to get rid of the character. My bet is a very messy, embarrassing death.

I so like Boondocks. Apparently so does someone who runs concessions in Illinois, now I can eat a Luther!! I wonder how many homemade ones have been eaten since that episode came out and how many of those people were stoned when they ate them! I don't even eat red meat and I am curious if these are any good. Does anyone know?

Snopes proves The Colbert Report wrong!! Last week Colbert mentioned a report that said that the natural blonde was dying out and proceeded to plan out how we can advance the blonde race. Very funny stuff. Although I know it is a fake news show, that really was a fake news item. Turns out there was never any study that came to that conclusion or one d…

I Love Best Buy

So after buying my new computer on Saturday, I opened the paper Sunday and saw it was on sale for $100 less. But in fine print on the same page it also said "excludes previous purchases". hmmm. I figured I would take my receipt back and give it a shot though, as it was a significant amount to come back. So due to my work schedule and other stuff going on I had to go this morning to see about the refund. I was there right at 10 when they opened, receipt in hand, ready to make a fuss about the price.

I was nice to the service desk girl; explained my new computer had gone on sale the day after I bought it and could I get the difference back? She took my receipt, scanned it, and said "oh, it's actually 200 less. Total refund is 218.92, do you want that on the Best buy credit card or gift card?"

WHOA! SWEET! AWESOME! In 5 mins I cut my Best Buy credit card bill almost in half.

On another note, BF and I are going camping this weekend. Not camping camping but staying in …

New Computer

Hooray! I bought a new laptop today. Much love to BF for helping me pick it out and purchase, as the guys at Best Buy, though nice, probably would have talked me into buying a bunch of extras that i didn't really need.

it is a Gateway MX6421 with an AMD Turion processor, 512 MB DDR, 80 GB HDD, etc etc.

Am too terribly excited. The girl who was checking me out asked about what i was going to use if for and i had to fish about for an answer. Technically i didn't absolutely have to purchase a laptop as a new desktop would have been better for cheaper probably. I really did want the portability though, as BF just has a desktop and this will work well for plane/car trips. Also, until we move in together in May it will be ultra-nice to be able to tote my computer now to BF's to use with all my stuff on it rather than fight him for his and still not have my bookmarks, lists, etc on it.

currently: watching the UNC-Duke game

Oh Crap

What is the word where you remember you need to do something on a certain day/time, forget it then remember afterwards? Is there even a word for that? plain old "forgetting" isn't right because i remembered before i forgot.

BF's birthday was on the first. My parent's anniversary was yesterday. I remembered i needed to call them on Wednesday but forgot to yesterday. This morning i was taking BF to work and remembered on the way home. Now i feel all bad. :( They have been married for 32 years. which means i will be 30 in July. *sigh* I will give them a call later today.

ah well. i am a sucky daughter. Have to go shower then do laundry. hooray for friday?

Water Water Everywhere?

Reading Truthout this morning. Looks like the post-apocalyptic Mad Max future is creeping closer every day!! Two articles under this link; the first about where water war may spring up going forward, the second about the British Armed forces looking at contingency plans for such water wars. that is all going to suck. really really suck.

Can't we just put up a bunch of desalination plants? You know, like in Sim City?

BF's birthday today. He's all old. :) I managed to get out of work at 4 and we ran around and ended up eating at PF Chang's in Cool Springs. went by Best Buy to look at the laptop i am going to get this weekend. Yay!! am so excited. I have never bought a computer; i always got second hand ones when other people bought new ones. so this is going to be cool. I have $580 in Best Buy cards so will have a good chunk paid for already. Will probably get this one, but this one is ultra-sweet. will see what i end up getting.

Exxpose Exxon Linked to Me!

BF sent me an email today saying that someone else had linked to me. When I opened it I found that Exxpose Exxon put me on its blog roll! With real blog sites like Huffington Post, Greenpeace, and The Nation. I am so excited.

Got my new Cowboy Mouth CD today: VOODOO SHOPPE. I love the band and this is their first CD since Uh-Oh in 2003. Hadn't realized it had been that long since new Mouth music. The CD is ok. It sounds different than their previous albums. Joe Strummer is the first and best song on the album. Home is also good; several songs actually talk about Katrina. They are playing on 3/22 at the Exit Inn here in Nashville. It is a Wednesday but I should be able to make it.

currently: listening to the CD once more, reading A Storm of Swords by George R R Martin

Poor BF

BF likes to drink. He likes being out, hanging with people and talking. Tonight I pulled him out of the bar at about 7 as we were going to catch a fast dinner then go see a movie at 8. He got to the car fine and we drove off. We hadn't been in the car 5 minutes when it started.

"Oh GOD oh god oh god"

he got dizzy. BF HATES being dizzy, while I feel it is the best part of getting really drunk. He gets dizzy, then starts getting sick to his stomach. While I don't like my stomach hurting or anything, I don't get anywhere near as squealy about it as he does. He fights throwing up so he just moans and starts going "please stop oh I hate this" over and over again.

I am not sure if it has ever actually helped.

so we went back to BF's and now he's laying on his bed; first too cold, then too hot. He won't drink any juice or gatorade or eat anything. Not even crackers. He probably got sick because he hadn't eaten anything since about 10 an…

Why Getting LOST Is Good

I am not normally a big TV watcher. Last season i was going to check it out and then ended up missing the first few episodes. By that time i had read a few reviews (Entertainment Weekly subscription) about how awesome/complex/cool the show was. So i made a choice about it. Instead of watching from that point in the season, I figured that i would just stop reading about it and hope it came out on DVD before the second season started. I was right about it coming out before the new season began. I got the box on the Tuesday it came out and that night watched 6 episodes. Keep in mind that i get off work at 7:30 and by the time i went to Best Buy, came home, made and ate dinner it was at least 9.

I was addicted from the first episode. i tore through the 24 eps in about a week. then watched the commentary eps again. and all the extras. i NEVER watch extras. couldn't wait for the season to start, which it did about a month later.

so why is it so good? Better minds than mine hav…

Incidentals Vol. 1

Apparently the movie The Royal Tenenbaums is a really hot seller. i checked today at 2 Targets, a Best Buy, a Circuit City and a Suncoast and nada. They all had Rushmore and The Life Aquatic but we already have those. so i ordered it off Amazon, along with a photography book. I had gotten an awesome camera for Christmas and haven't really been able to use it too much yet. Today would be a great day to shoot as it is so lovely outside.

Stuck at home doing laundry. Not so bad. Doing BF's as i had to raid his stash of quarters to do my own. even trade i guess.

Just bought Half-Life 2 for my xbox. ok so far but i am only couple chapters in and haven't really got to shoot anything yet. It is a great looking game, even on my puny ass 13 inch tv.

BF and i are going to Pickett State Park next month. Renting a cabin for the weekend. It will be cool to just hang out, do nothing. Maybe play some board games, take a hike, that sort of stuff. and sex. lots and lots of sex :)


Quick link post

Another TruthOut article here.

I heard about the "george washington/electronic surveillance" link on The Daily Show last week. Glad others find that as ridiculous a statement as i do.

another quiz

A person of wit and learning, you belong in

RAVENCLAW! Just like Professor Flitwick, Cho

Chang, Padma Patil, and every great

Ravenclaw, you've got a razor sharp mind.

Which Hogwarts house are you in? (Harry Potter)
brought to you by Quizilla

I Love TV

I hate comedies normally. Unattractive idiot husband, too hot wife, 2.4 precocious children who all live next door to their parents/uncle/grandparents. UG! same story over and over.

BF started tivoing The Office and My Name is Earl back in september. I missed the first few episodes as i just figured i wouldn't like either show. But since we catch up with tivo on the weekends i slowly began to stay in the room for these shows and watch.

They are funny. Way Fucking Funny! I love Earl and his mission but i really love Randy. He is basically a perfect buddhist role model. He wants nothing. He is happy being the cute, confused, sweet person he is. If he can eat, sleep, help his brother with The List he is happy. Very non-attachment. He gets most of the best lines too i think.

And The Office has, hands down, the best love story going on TV. Forget whether Kate will hook up with Jack or Sawyer, when the FUCK with Jim ever tell Pam how he feels? Every week i watch that show going "maybe…

Spoilers Are Fun

Finished Jesusland. Wow. Very good. very heavy. And so so painfully sad. I knew what was going to happen at the end and was almost relieved about the manner in which it occured. There is just so much buildup and you just know some thing really really bad is going to happen. And it doesn't. but it does.

Finished State of War as well. Also very heavy but in a "oh shit i can't believe the people running this place are that fucking stupid" kinda way. Also a good read but parts are very technical.

I really liked Home at the End of the World as well. I am very attracted to stories about the families people make rather than the ones they are born with. Maybe that is why i am so into Wes Anderson movies. It is weird because my own family situation is very good but several of my friends have very poor relationships with parents/siblings, etc. Just an area of interest to me. But Home also ends sadly. I do sort of have a prob with stories with characters that are like "eve…

Random test results

Brain Lateralization Test Results Right Brain (42%) The right hemisphere is the visual, figurative, artistic, and intuitive side of the brain.
Left Brain (54%) The left hemisphere is the logical, articulate, assertive, and practical side of the brain
Are You Right or Left Brained?
personality tests by
found this link on another blog. i find it mildly disturbing that i am about equal. Maybe that is why i can never make decisions. i am going to make BF take it; i am guessing 85% right brain, 15% left brain for him.


If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind--John Stuart Mill

Found this one to think on. Free speech rocks! haven't quite figured out the big deal with the Muslim editorial cartoons. I have yet to see anything so disgusting i felt like killing someone. Ah well.

On a semi-related note I am reading Jesusland by Julia Scheeres. very rough shit. very well written. you know in a horror movie where you know something horrible is going to happen but don't know when or what? this whole book is just building up like that, going from one bad situation to a worse one, spiralling down to god knows where. the author obviously lives but other than that i don't know.

wil update tomorrow with how i liked Home at the End of the World and Brokeback Mountain (the movie).

Go Steelers!

I have pretty much been an AFC fan forever, excepting a short period of time in the early 90's when i liked the Cowboys (what can i say, i was a kid, kids like winners). I kind of always had good feelings towards the Steelers just for the kind of team they are. Also, I HATE the Colts, and anyone who can make Peyton Manning pout is good in my book. Pittsburgh just had such a great story this year; who couldn't root for them?

currently: tired, glad i didn't have to work today!! :)

What I Downloaded from Napster Today

I bought an 1 gig IRiver MP3 player from MediaPlay about a month ago when it was going out of business. Got it for 120 instead of 200 so I felt it was a good bargain. so before today i had put about 150 songs on it from my own cd's and another 20 or so from my napster playlist on BF's computer. Today was the first day I just kinda went searching for stuff i don't normally listen to to download. so here's what i got, in no particular order:

Oasis-Wonderwall, Morning Glory, Lyla, All Around the World, Don't Look Back In Anger
Elvis Presley-A Little Less Conversation, Rubberneckin' (remix)
Debussy-Clair de Lune (from the end of Ocean's 11)
Daft Punk-Da Funk, Fresh, Around The World, One More Time
Piotr Ilyitch Tchaikovsky- 1812 Overture
Nina Simone-My Baby Just Cares For Me, Since I Fell For You, Feeling Good, I Put a Spell on You
From the Verve Remixed Album-Spanish Grease
From the Verve Remixed 2 Album-Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair, Mama, Blues …

a few random links too!!

Aw Yeah....

First off, I am a Bright. Registered and everything. i got their newsletter, which linked over to an article in Science and Theology News. Great idea that religion is like a virus that uses people's brains as a host so it can infect others. Puts a new spin on those people who want to give you their "testimony". Maybe I'll let them give it to me if they put a condom on it first.

Currently: up too early

I can't wait for Summer

It is only January and I already am making my summer plans. A trip in July to visit our friend who lives Portland, OR, a trip in August to Louisiana to see my family and the new niece or nephew I will have by then, museum exhibits, camping trips. Too many movies to see. Like this one. and this. and definitely this. I am too excited.

Currently: feeling much better, thanks for asking.

I am sick

not in the head sort of way, or the twisted, fucked up, giggling at sadness way but in the scratchy throat, head hurts, ears hurt, sleepy all the time kind of way. I am so tired I feel like I can't sleep, but I don't want to do anything either. Called out sick from work, blowing my perfect attendance for the year out of the water in the first month. The guy I sit next to hasn't missed but 1 day in the 3 odd years we've worked there. and that was for having a car accident on the way to work and breaking his wrist. Why? I have great attendance usually but if I am sick and feel shitty I am staying home and sleeping. We aren't saving lives or fighting fires or sending astronauts into space. We talk to people on the phone about their cel service. Stay home when you're sick!

maybe I am bitchy because I don't feel good. I worked at a daycare from 99-2002 and was sick with something every few weeks. Since getting out tho I was doing well not getting colds, etc, I gu…

Short Post on Death

"I wonder where we go when we die?"
"You mean if we're good or if we're bad?" ---Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

My uncle passed away Jan 18. He had cancer for a long time. I didn't really know him that well as they live in Indiana and my family never lived there. He and my aunt had stayed in my apartment a few times when he came to Vanderbilt for treatment. I went up to Evansville for the funeral. The graveside service was very moving, as he had been in the navy when he was younger and had the whole gun salute and flag ceremony.

There has been plenty of death on my mom's side of the family since i moved up here. Both my mom's grandmothers have passed, as have her brother, her mother and now one of her sisters' husbands. Guess that is making up for the fact that we didn't loose anyone between the mid 80's and 2001.

I did get to talk to my dad quite a bit, at the funeral home surrounded by people i barely know an…

My Good Buddhist Deed of the Day

Last night about midnight i had to drive to BF's house to get our basketball tickets that we had left there (don't ask). When i got back to my apt i saw this dog in the parking lot and when i parked it came up to my car. It was a big brown lab. I am looking at it through my window and he's wagging his tail so i figure he won't attack me when i get out. Problem is that when i opened my door to get out the dog jumped into my car! Just climbed across me into the passenger seat and looked at me. No tags, no collar for me to grab to try to haul it out. I tried clapping my hands, calling it, making kissy noises; nothing. i left the door open and walked up to my apt to get BF to help when the dog does get out and come running up the stairs. when BF came out the dog ran inside my apt!

He was obviously not a stray, just cold and hungry. Fully grown, very healthy looking, no fleas or anything. so we fed him a ham and cheese lunchable my mom left here a few months ago; i…

Yucky Idea

I don't even want to begin to think about how this will work out. first off, the battery uses .2ml of urine, which is such a tiny amount you'd have to pee into a cup and use an eye dropper to "charge" the battery. secondly, i would think there would be a horrible smell factor involved. thirdly, who would want to do this? i understand we need to save the planet and all but standard batteries are rechargeable for years (my current one has been going for almost 2 yrs) and this seems to not be rechargeable. how long does the charge last? weird stuff.

and we still don't have people living on the moon or teleport machines.

thanks to Nashville is Talking for picking me up.

currently reading: Just started Home at the End of the Worldby Michael Cunningham. I haven't seen the movie but was told the book was better.

Another early post

Am up so very early today. had to drive BF to work again. with all the traffic and wrecks and rain it took us 45 mins to get to his work and me about 30 to get back home. which i did round trip in about 40 yesterday. so so sucks

Happy birthday to my best friend Donna! She's turning 30 today. *big hugs* I can't give her too much shit as i will be in 6 months.

currently: drying my hair (so need a haircut) while listening to lightning 100

The Funniest Email My Mom Has Ever Sent

My mom tends to send me a lot of those email forwards. You know, "urgent alert: 7 yr old missing" and "You're an angel! now forward this to 10 people or something bad will happen". But this morning i got one that was so worth it. the video does skip at one point about a minute in, looks like they had to edit to a different camera for whatever reason. But stay with it, ever so worth it for gamers.

Way early post for me. BF's car is having issues and I had to run him to the bus stop in this lovely rain. I'll probably go to take a nap shortly as no work on Fridays for me!!

Random Wrap Up

First, a quote.

I desire only to know the truth, and to live as well as I can--Socrates

Good enough words to live by I guess. As I said, I collect these things; it comes from reading too many philosophy books.

Just finished Our Endangered Values by Jimmy Carter. A good read. Goes into what I am so often screaming about, namely: caring about people less fortunate is a moral value; health care is a moral value; a sustainable environment is a moral value and etc, etc. Men butt fucking isn't a moral value; it's sex. I find it interesting that, if you took many of the people who are now so upset about homosexuals now, rolled them back in time 50 odd years, they would be the same people who were denying rights to African Americans. Roll them back another 50 odd years, they would be the same people who knew that women were so morally and mentally inferior that we just couldn't be allowed to vote. *sigh* Guess i really should look into moving to a blue state.

On a happier note, Vander…

Hostel VS Saw VS The Devil's Rejects VS Audition

Had an interesting weekend. BF and I went to see Hostel on Friday at Hollywood 27. From the 20-odd people at our matinee, I didn't think it would end up number 1 at the box office this weekend. First half of movie: guys banging girls around Europe. Lots of nakedness and slippery fun! Second half: slippery due to blood. Semi-predictable, but not bad. When I first left I felt it was about average for splatter; later, however, I realized that during the movie I had chewed off most of my fingernails, so it must have had more suspense than I thought. Only had to cover my eyes twice tho.

Strangely enough, I also happened to catch Sawon cable Sunday night. I had heard about it obviously, as it was a big hit in 2004. Still some relatively predictable stuff (why do people never shoot the killer when they have a gun? Girls, especially, just trust the dude whose been threatening them to just sit there) but better than Hostel. The end was fully trippy tho. I mean, I woke up in the middle of …

Movie I Can't Wait to See

This was supposed to come out back in November. Judging by the much improved second trailer, I guess they may have been beefing up the special effects. The comic is awesome. However, in the current political climate, I wonder how a movie that basically explains when terrorism may be a legitimate action will go over.

So want to see V kick ass though.

Now reading: The Scorpion's Gate by Richard Clarke

Proof I think too much

So in an attempt to fall asleep at night I often put on a movie I have seen a hundred times to listen to. Last night was Fellowship of the Ring. I have read Lord of the Rings bunches of the times. Last night the scene where the hobbits are trying to stop for second breakfast caught my attention. Aragorn tells them that they are not going to stop until evening and Pippin plaintively asks "What about elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon Tea? Dinner? Supper?" Which made me think: why the hell do hobbits eat so much? And, since they seem to, why aren't they a lot heavier? I know that in this particular situation they are doing some major hiking but the meals requested are apparently their regular schedule.

Hobbits as a whole seem to have a very agrarian lifestyle; farmers would burn lots of calories doing work in the field. That may cover Sam's appetite, however Frodo, Merry and Pippin were not farmers; they were more upper class hobbits, so the theory that they work …

Fun with Words

definition of the day

Purblind--adjective, near or partly blind; slow to understand, dull

far too many Americans in general and southerners in particular fit the latter definition

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Good Book

I just finished reading The Republican War on Science by Chris Mooney. Very very good work. Good, clear, logical arguments that both explain the current status of various scientific research areas (global warming, stem cell research, etc) and also show how various Republican politicians lie about alleged controversies in these areas. He places particular emphasis on the current White House of course but also connects anti-science thinking with conservative philosophy in general and Christian Conservative Republicanism in particular. A fair analysis as well; he also mentions examples of Democrats and environmental groups politicizing science but in doing so shows the difference between the groups in both quantity of times and magnitude of the dishonesty.

A very good read, even for someone who may not know the specifics of the issues.

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