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I can't wait for Summer

It is only January and I already am making my summer plans. A trip in July to visit our friend who lives Portland, OR, a trip in August to Louisiana to see my family and the new niece or nephew I will have by then, museum exhibits , camping trips . Too many movies to see. Like this one . and this . and definitely this . I am too excited. Currently: feeling much better, thanks for asking.

I am sick

not in the head sort of way, or the twisted, fucked up, giggling at sadness way but in the scratchy throat, head hurts, ears hurt, sleepy all the time kind of way. I am so tired I feel like I can't sleep, but I don't want to do anything either. Called out sick from work, blowing my perfect attendance for the year out of the water in the first month. The guy I sit next to hasn't missed but 1 day in the 3 odd years we've worked there. and that was for having a car accident on the way to work and breaking his wrist. Why? I have great attendance usually but if I am sick and feel shitty I am staying home and sleeping. We aren't saving lives or fighting fires or sending astronauts into space. We talk to people on the phone about their cel service. Stay home when you're sick! maybe I am bitchy because I don't feel good. I worked at a daycare from 99-2002 and was sick with something every few weeks. Since getting out tho I was doing well not getting colds, etc, I g

Short Post on Death

"I wonder where we go when we die?" "…Pittsburgh?" "You mean if we're good or if we're bad?" ---Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes My uncle passed away Jan 18. He had cancer for a long time. I didn't really know him that well as they live in Indiana and my family never lived there. He and my aunt had stayed in my apartment a few times when he came to Vanderbilt for treatment. I went up to Evansville for the funeral. The graveside service was very moving, as he had been in the navy when he was younger and had the whole gun salute and flag ceremony. There has been plenty of death on my mom's side of the family since i moved up here. Both my mom's grandmothers have passed, as have her brother, her mother and now one of her sisters' husbands. Guess that is making up for the fact that we didn't loose anyone between the mid 80's and 2001. I did get to talk to my dad quite a bit, at the funeral home surrounded by people i

My Good Buddhist Deed of the Day

Last night about midnight i had to drive to BF's house to get our basketball tickets that we had left there (don't ask). When i got back to my apt i saw this dog in the parking lot and when i parked it came up to my car. It was a big brown lab. I am looking at it through my window and he's wagging his tail so i figure he won't attack me when i get out. Problem is that when i opened my door to get out the dog jumped into my car! Just climbed across me into the passenger seat and looked at me. No tags, no collar for me to grab to try to haul it out. I tried clapping my hands, calling it, making kissy noises; nothing. i left the door open and walked up to my apt to get BF to help when the dog does get out and come running up the stairs. when BF came out the dog ran inside my apt! He was obviously not a stray, just cold and hungry. Fully grown, very healthy looking , no fleas or anything. so we fed him a ham and cheese lunchable my mom left here a few months ago;

Yucky Idea

I don't even want to begin to think about how this will work out. first off, the battery uses .2ml of urine, which is such a tiny amount you'd have to pee into a cup and use an eye dropper to "charge" the battery. secondly, i would think there would be a horrible smell factor involved. thirdly, who would want to do this? i understand we need to save the planet and all but standard batteries are rechargeable for years (my current one has been going for almost 2 yrs) and this seems to not be rechargeable. how long does the charge last? weird stuff. and we still don't have people living on the moon or teleport machines. thanks to Nashville is Talking for picking me up. currently reading: Just started Home at the End of the World by Michael Cunningham. I haven't seen the movie but was told the book was better.

Another early post

Am up so very early today. had to drive BF to work again. with all the traffic and wrecks and rain it took us 45 mins to get to his work and me about 30 to get back home. which i did round trip in about 40 yesterday. so so sucks Happy birthday to my best friend Donna! She's turning 30 today. *big hugs* I can't give her too much shit as i will be in 6 months. currently: drying my hair (so need a haircut) while listening to lightning 100

The Funniest Email My Mom Has Ever Sent

My mom tends to send me a lot of those email forwards. You know, "urgent alert: 7 yr old missing" and "You're an angel! now forward this to 10 people or something bad will happen". But this morning i got one that was so worth it. the video does skip at one point about a minute in, looks like they had to edit to a different camera for whatever reason. But stay with it, ever so worth it for gamers. Way early post for me. BF's car is having issues and I had to run him to the bus stop in this lovely rain. I'll probably go to take a nap shortly as no work on Fridays for me!!

Random Wrap Up

First, a quote. I desire only to know the truth, and to live as well as I can--Socrates Good enough words to live by I guess. As I said, I collect these things; it comes from reading too many philosophy books. Just finished Our Endangered Values by Jimmy Carter . A good read. Goes into what I am so often screaming about, namely: caring about people less fortunate is a moral value; health care is a moral value; a sustainable environment is a moral value and etc, etc. Men butt fucking isn't a moral value; it's sex. I find it interesting that, if you took many of the people who are now so upset about homosexuals now, rolled them back in time 50 odd years, they would be the same people who were denying rights to African Americans. Roll them back another 50 odd years, they would be the same people who knew that women were so morally and mentally inferior that we just couldn't be allowed to vote. *sigh* Guess i really should look into moving to a blue state. On a happier no

Hostel VS Saw VS The Devil's Rejects VS Audition

Had an interesting weekend. BF and I went to see Hostel on Friday at Hollywood 27. From the 20-odd people at our matinee, I didn't think it would end up number 1 at the box office this weekend. First half of movie: guys banging girls around Europe. Lots of nakedness and slippery fun! Second half: slippery due to blood. Semi-predictable, but not bad. When I first left I felt it was about average for splatter; later, however, I realized that during the movie I had chewed off most of my fingernails, so it must have had more suspense than I thought. Only had to cover my eyes twice tho. Strangely enough, I also happened to catch Saw on cable Sunday night. I had heard about it obviously, as it was a big hit in 2004. Still some relatively predictable stuff (why do people never shoot the killer when they have a gun? Girls, especially, just trust the dude whose been threatening them to just sit there) but better than Hostel. The end was fully trippy tho. I mean, I woke up in the middle

Movie I Can't Wait to See

This was supposed to come out back in November. Judging by the much improved second trailer, I guess they may have been beefing up the special effects. The comic is awesome. However, in the current political climate, I wonder how a movie that basically explains when terrorism may be a legitimate action will go over. So want to see V kick ass though. Now reading: The Scorpion's Gate by Richard Clarke

Proof I think too much

So in an attempt to fall asleep at night I often put on a movie I have seen a hundred times to listen to. Last night was Fellowship of the Ring. I have read Lord of the Rings bunches of the times. Last night the scene where the hobbits are trying to stop for second breakfast caught my attention. Aragorn tells them that they are not going to stop until evening and Pippin plaintively asks "What about elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon Tea? Dinner? Supper?" Which made me think: why the hell do hobbits eat so much? And, since they seem to, why aren't they a lot heavier? I know that in this particular situation they are doing some major hiking but the meals requested are apparently their regular schedule. Hobbits as a whole seem to have a very agrarian lifestyle; farmers would burn lots of calories doing work in the field. That may cover Sam's appetite, however Frodo, Merry and Pippin were not farmers; they were more upper class hobbits, so the theory that they wor

Fun with Words

definition of the day Purblind--adjective, near or partly blind; slow to understand, dull far too many Americans in general and southerners in particular fit the latter definition Currently: watching the Rose Bowl

Good Book

I just finished reading The Republican War on Science by Chris Mooney. Very very good work. Good, clear, logical arguments that both explain the current status of various scientific research areas (global warming, stem cell research, etc) and also show how various Republican politicians lie about alleged controversies in these areas. He places particular emphasis on the current White House of course but also connects anti-science thinking with conservative philosophy in general and Christian Conservative Republicanism in particular. A fair analysis as well; he also mentions examples of Democrats and environmental groups politicizing science but in doing so shows the difference between the groups in both quantity of times and magnitude of the dishonesty. A very good read, even for someone who may not know the specifics of the issues. Currently: watching the sorry-ass Sugar Bowl while drinking peppermint tea