Hostel VS Saw VS The Devil's Rejects VS Audition

Had an interesting weekend. BF and I went to see Hostel on Friday at Hollywood 27. From the 20-odd people at our matinee, I didn't think it would end up number 1 at the box office this weekend. First half of movie: guys banging girls around Europe. Lots of nakedness and slippery fun! Second half: slippery due to blood. Semi-predictable, but not bad. When I first left I felt it was about average for splatter; later, however, I realized that during the movie I had chewed off most of my fingernails, so it must have had more suspense than I thought. Only had to cover my eyes twice tho.

Strangely enough, I also happened to catch Saw on cable Sunday night. I had heard about it obviously, as it was a big hit in 2004. Still some relatively predictable stuff (why do people never shoot the killer when they have a gun? Girls, especially, just trust the dude whose been threatening them to just sit there) but better than Hostel. The end was fully trippy tho. I mean, I woke up in the middle of the night absolutely certain someone was in the apartment. Guess sometimes we go back to being little kids.

We had a routing issue at work; I got 2 calls in about 2 hours due to problems, so I had some time to think about other horror I have seen. One example that goes along with the two movies above is The Devil's Rejects. We saw that last summer in the theater. That one, while good, did not affect me as I felt it should. I heard plenty about that one: the hotel scene was way intense, parts were puke worthy, grossest thing I have ever seen, etc. The grossest bits were basically anytime that fat clown dude was on screen and I only had to cover my eyes once. Good, but not quite as awesome as I had heard. BF and I had a conversation about it: either we are some freaky fucks not to be bothered by it or other people are wusses for being freaked out.

Then there is Audition. We saw this one at the house a couple years ago. It is, hands down, the best horror I have seen in years. Whenever I recommend movies to people, this one is always on my list. A great Japanese horror. This is one I don't think I ever covered my eyes for as I just had to see what was going to happen. My heart didn't stop pounding the last 30 minutes and I chewed all my nails off completely. It is because of this movie half my netflix queue is Japanese horror.

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