I am sick

not in the head sort of way, or the twisted, fucked up, giggling at sadness way but in the scratchy throat, head hurts, ears hurt, sleepy all the time kind of way. I am so tired I feel like I can't sleep, but I don't want to do anything either. Called out sick from work, blowing my perfect attendance for the year out of the water in the first month. The guy I sit next to hasn't missed but 1 day in the 3 odd years we've worked there. and that was for having a car accident on the way to work and breaking his wrist. Why? I have great attendance usually but if I am sick and feel shitty I am staying home and sleeping. We aren't saving lives or fighting fires or sending astronauts into space. We talk to people on the phone about their cel service. Stay home when you're sick!

maybe I am bitchy because I don't feel good. I worked at a daycare from 99-2002 and was sick with something every few weeks. Since getting out tho I was doing well not getting colds, etc, I guess because I had already had everything that was about. Guess some new germs have moved into town the last few months because I was bad sick in September too.



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