My Good Buddhist Deed of the Day

Last night about midnight i had to drive to BF's house to get our basketball tickets that we had left there (don't ask). When i got back to my apt i saw this dog in the parking lot and when i parked it came up to my car. It was a big brown lab. I am looking at it through my window and he's wagging his tail so i figure he won't attack me when i get out. Problem is that when i opened my door to get out the dog jumped into my car! Just climbed across me into the passenger seat and looked at me. No tags, no collar for me to grab to try to haul it out. I tried clapping my hands, calling it, making kissy noises; nothing. i left the door open and walked up to my apt to get BF to help when the dog does get out and come running up the stairs. when BF came out the dog ran inside my apt!

He was obviously not a stray, just cold and hungry. Fully grown, very healthy looking, no fleas or anything. so we fed him a ham and cheese lunchable my mom left here a few months ago; i didn't know dogs ate crackers. then i found a veggie hot dog and he ate that too. He knew sit and stay, never barked or even jumped up. we put him in the bathroom overnight because i just couldn't send him back into the cold.

I took BF to the bus stop this morning and stopped and got the smallest bag of dog food i could. he ate 2 bowls. As i live in relatively small apartments i think he belongs to one of the houses nearby; i was thinking to put signs around. I took the dog out about 9 am and he started sniffing around, wandered off toward the pool area and didn't come back. I wonder if i will come back tonight to him hanging out by my door. Hope he found his way home.

I am really glad BF was here to see him. BF wants a dog but his roommate is absolutely terrified of all dogs. It was such a weird experience tho and, since i am having issues with reality, it is nice to have his confirmation that this happened. that and my new camera's pics.

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