Proof I think too much

So in an attempt to fall asleep at night I often put on a movie I have seen a hundred times to listen to. Last night was Fellowship of the Ring. I have read Lord of the Rings bunches of the times. Last night the scene where the hobbits are trying to stop for second breakfast caught my attention. Aragorn tells them that they are not going to stop until evening and Pippin plaintively asks "What about elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon Tea? Dinner? Supper?" Which made me think: why the hell do hobbits eat so much? And, since they seem to, why aren't they a lot heavier? I know that in this particular situation they are doing some major hiking but the meals requested are apparently their regular schedule.

Hobbits as a whole seem to have a very agrarian lifestyle; farmers would burn lots of calories doing work in the field. That may cover Sam's appetite, however Frodo, Merry and Pippin were not farmers; they were more upper class hobbits, so the theory that they work off all that extra food wouldn't hold.

Then I started thinking about how smaller animals have higher metabolisms, in general, than larger ones. Explanation here. As per this article, humans have about half the caloric requirement by weight than smaller mammals, like cats. Hobbits, though bigger than cats, would certainly have an increased calorie intake by weight over humans. Also being smaller their stomachs would be smaller and hold less per meal than a adult human.

Next Post: Why the technology shown in the Star Wars Prequels looking better than the technology in the original trilogy is both temporally and logically consistent.

Just kidding. Not even I can explain that.

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