Random Wrap Up

First, a quote.

I desire only to know the truth, and to live as well as I can--Socrates

Good enough words to live by I guess. As I said, I collect these things; it comes from reading too many philosophy books.

Just finished Our Endangered Values by Jimmy Carter. A good read. Goes into what I am so often screaming about, namely: caring about people less fortunate is a moral value; health care is a moral value; a sustainable environment is a moral value and etc, etc. Men butt fucking isn't a moral value; it's sex. I find it interesting that, if you took many of the people who are now so upset about homosexuals now, rolled them back in time 50 odd years, they would be the same people who were denying rights to African Americans. Roll them back another 50 odd years, they would be the same people who knew that women were so morally and mentally inferior that we just couldn't be allowed to vote. *sigh* Guess i really should look into moving to a blue state.

On a happier note, Vanderbilt men's basketball beat Kentucky last night in Kentucky for the first time in 31 YEARS! Ever so sweet. Almost as good as when the football team beat UT in Knoxville for the first time in forever. I shall bask in their reflected glory.

ah well, guess that is all for the evening.


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