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Exxpose Exxon Linked to Me!

BF sent me an email today saying that someone else had linked to me. When I opened it I found that Exxpose Exxon put me on its blog roll! With real blog sites like Huffington Post , Greenpeace, and The Nation . I am so excited. Got my new Cowboy Mouth CD today: VOODOO SHOPPE. I love the band and this is their first CD since Uh-Oh in 2003. Hadn't realized it had been that long since new Mouth music. The CD is ok. It sounds different than their previous albums. Joe Strummer is the first and best song on the album. Home is also good; several songs actually talk about Katrina. They are playing on 3/22 at the Exit Inn here in Nashville. It is a Wednesday but I should be able to make it. currently: listening to the CD once more, reading A Storm of Swords by George R R Martin

Poor BF

BF likes to drink. He likes being out, hanging with people and talking. Tonight I pulled him out of the bar at about 7 as we were going to catch a fast dinner then go see a movie at 8. He got to the car fine and we drove off. We hadn't been in the car 5 minutes when it started. "Oh GOD oh god oh god" he got dizzy. BF HATES being dizzy, while I feel it is the best part of getting really drunk. He gets dizzy, then starts getting sick to his stomach. While I don't like my stomach hurting or anything, I don't get anywhere near as squealy about it as he does. He fights throwing up so he just moans and starts going "please stop oh I hate this" over and over again. I am not sure if it has ever actually helped. so we went back to BF's and now he's laying on his bed; first too cold, then too hot. He won't drink any juice or gatorade or eat anything. Not even crackers. He probably got sick because he hadn't eaten anything since abou

Why Getting LOST Is Good

I am not normally a big TV watcher. Last season i was going to check it out and then ended up missing the first few episodes. By that time i had read a few reviews (Entertainment Weekly subscription) about how awesome/complex/cool the show was. So i made a choice about it. Instead of watching from that point in the season, I figured that i would just stop reading about it and hope it came out on DVD before the second season started. I was right about it coming out before the new season began. I got the box on the Tuesday it came out and that night watched 6 episodes. Keep in mind that i get off work at 7:30 and by the time i went to Best Buy, came home, made and ate dinner it was at least 9. I was addicted from the first episode. i tore through the 24 eps in about a week. then watched the commentary eps again. and all the extras. i NEVER watch extras. couldn't wait for the season to start, which it did about a month later. so why is it so good? Better minds than mine

Incidentals Vol. 1

Apparently the movie The Royal Tenenbaums is a really hot seller. i checked today at 2 Targets, a Best Buy, a Circuit City and a Suncoast and nada. They all had Rushmore and The Life Aquatic but we already have those. so i ordered it off Amazon, along with a photography book. I had gotten an awesome camera for Christmas and haven't really been able to use it too much yet. Today would be a great day to shoot as it is so lovely outside. Stuck at home doing laundry. Not so bad. Doing BF's as i had to raid his stash of quarters to do my own. even trade i guess. Just bought Half-Life 2 for my xbox. ok so far but i am only couple chapters in and haven't really got to shoot anything yet. It is a great looking game, even on my puny ass 13 inch tv. BF and i are going to Pickett State Park next month. Renting a cabin for the weekend. It will be cool to just hang out, do nothing. Maybe play some board games, take a hike, that sort of stuff. and sex. lots and lots of sex :)

Quick link post

Another TruthOut article here. I heard about the "george washington/electronic surveillance" link on The Daily Show last week. Glad others find that as ridiculous a statement as i do.

another quiz

A person of wit and learning, you belong in RAVENCLAW! Just like Professor Flitwick, Cho Chang, Padma Patil, and every great Ravenclaw, you've got a razor sharp mind. Which Hogwarts house are you in? (Harry Potter) brought to you by Quizilla

I Love TV

I hate comedies normally. Unattractive idiot husband, too hot wife, 2.4 precocious children who all live next door to their parents/uncle/grandparents. UG! same story over and over. BF started tivoing The Office and My Name is Earl back in september. I missed the first few episodes as i just figured i wouldn't like either show. But since we catch up with tivo on the weekends i slowly began to stay in the room for these shows and watch. They are funny. Way Fucking Funny! I love Earl and his mission but i really love Randy. He is basically a perfect buddhist role model. He wants nothing. He is happy being the cute, confused, sweet person he is. If he can eat, sleep, help his brother with The List he is happy. Very non-attachment. He gets most of the best lines too i think. And The Office has, hands down, the best love story going on TV. Forget whether Kate will hook up with Jack or Sawyer, when the FUCK with Jim ever tell Pam how he feels? Every week i watch that show going "

Spoilers Are Fun

Finished Jesusland . Wow. Very good. very heavy. And so so painfully sad. I knew what was going to happen at the end and was almost relieved about the manner in which it occured. There is just so much buildup and you just know some thing really really bad is going to happen. And it doesn't. but it does. Finished State of War as well. Also very heavy but in a "oh shit i can't believe the people running this place are that fucking stupid" kinda way. Also a good read but parts are very technical. I really liked Home at the End of the World as well. I am very attracted to stories about the families people make rather than the ones they are born with. Maybe that is why i am so into Wes Anderson movies. It is weird because my own family situation is very good but several of my friends have very poor relationships with parents/siblings, etc. Just an area of interest to me. But Home also ends sadly. I do sort of have a prob with stories with characters that are like &q

Random test results

Brain Lateralization Test Results Right Brain (42%) The right hemisphere is the visual, figurative, artistic, and intuitive side of the brain. Left Brain (54%) The left hemisphere is the logical, articulate, assertive, and practical side of the brain Are You Right or Left Brained? personality tests by found this link on another blog . i find it mildly disturbing that i am about equal. Maybe that is why i can never make decisions. i am going to make BF take it; i am guessing 85% right brain, 15% left brain for him.


If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind-- John Stuart Mill Found this one to think on. Free speech rocks! haven't quite figured out the big deal with the Muslim editorial cartoons. I have yet to see anything so disgusting i felt like killing someone. Ah well. On a semi-related note I am reading Jesusland by Julia Scheeres . very rough shit. very well written. you know in a horror movie where you know something horrible is going to happen but don't know when or what? this whole book is just building up like that, going from one bad situation to a worse one, spiralling down to god knows where. the author obviously lives but other than that i don't know. wil update tomorrow with how i liked Home at the End of the World and Brokeback Mountain (the movie).

Go Steelers!

I have pretty much been an AFC fan forever, excepting a short period of time in the early 90's when i liked the Cowboys (what can i say, i was a kid, kids like winners). I kind of always had good feelings towards the Steelers just for the kind of team they are. Also, I HATE the Colts, and anyone who can make Peyton Manning pout is good in my book. Pittsburgh just had such a great story this year; who couldn't root for them? currently: tired, glad i didn't have to work today!! :)

What I Downloaded from Napster Today

I bought an 1 gig IRiver MP3 player from MediaPlay about a month ago when it was going out of business. Got it for 120 instead of 200 so I felt it was a good bargain. so before today i had put about 150 songs on it from my own cd's and another 20 or so from my napster playlist on BF's computer. Today was the first day I just kinda went searching for stuff i don't normally listen to to download. so here's what i got, in no particular order: Oasis-Wonderwall, Morning Glory, Lyla, All Around the World, Don't Look Back In Anger Elvis Presley-A Little Less Conversation, Rubberneckin' (remix) Debussy-Clair de Lune (from the end of Ocean's 11) Daft Punk-Da Funk, Fresh, Around The World, One More Time Piotr Ilyitch Tchaikovsky- 1812 Overture Nina Simone-My Baby Just Cares For Me, Since I Fell For You, Feeling Good, I Put a Spell on You From the Verve Remixed Album-Spanish Grease From the Verve Remixed 2 Album-Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair, Mama

a few random links too!!

Funny Exxon Movie Depressing thing about state of the country. Interesting parody of state of union address

Aw Yeah....

First off, I am a Bright . Registered and everything. i got their newsletter, which linked over to an article in Science and Theology News. Great idea that religion is like a virus that uses people's brains as a host so it can infect others. Puts a new spin on those people who want to give you their "testimony". Maybe I'll let them give it to me if they put a condom on it first. Currently: up too early