I Love TV

I hate comedies normally. Unattractive idiot husband, too hot wife, 2.4 precocious children who all live next door to their parents/uncle/grandparents. UG! same story over and over.

BF started tivoing The Office and My Name is Earl back in september. I missed the first few episodes as i just figured i wouldn't like either show. But since we catch up with tivo on the weekends i slowly began to stay in the room for these shows and watch.

They are funny. Way Fucking Funny! I love Earl and his mission but i really love Randy. He is basically a perfect buddhist role model. He wants nothing. He is happy being the cute, confused, sweet person he is. If he can eat, sleep, help his brother with The List he is happy. Very non-attachment. He gets most of the best lines too i think.

And The Office has, hands down, the best love story going on TV. Forget whether Kate will hook up with Jack or Sawyer, when the FUCK with Jim ever tell Pam how he feels? Every week i watch that show going "maybe this week it'll happen" then it doesn't, but the show still makes me laugh. Dwight is hilarious. The alcoholic woman has so few lines but is always in the back ground doing something hilarious (so that is what is really in all those giant cups women carry around at work).

Don't get me wrong. I love Lost. I have 2 eps sitting at BF's to watch. But he doesn't watch that show and it is far too complicated for me to try to catch him up. so when i get to his place on Thursday night we wait til about 8:15 then start on Earl then Office. And i save Lost for myself like a big chocolate sundae with cherries, nuts and whip cream.

My favorites collide. Thanks NIT!

next week: why Lost is the best show on tv.


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