Incidentals Vol. 1

Apparently the movie The Royal Tenenbaums is a really hot seller. i checked today at 2 Targets, a Best Buy, a Circuit City and a Suncoast and nada. They all had Rushmore and The Life Aquatic but we already have those. so i ordered it off Amazon, along with a photography book. I had gotten an awesome camera for Christmas and haven't really been able to use it too much yet. Today would be a great day to shoot as it is so lovely outside.

Stuck at home doing laundry. Not so bad. Doing BF's as i had to raid his stash of quarters to do my own. even trade i guess.

Just bought Half-Life 2 for my xbox. ok so far but i am only couple chapters in and haven't really got to shoot anything yet. It is a great looking game, even on my puny ass 13 inch tv.

BF and i are going to Pickett State Park next month. Renting a cabin for the weekend. It will be cool to just hang out, do nothing. Maybe play some board games, take a hike, that sort of stuff. and sex. lots and lots of sex :)

interesting article of the day.

"Duh" article of the day.

Going to try to catch some of the Oscar nominated movies this weekend as well. Crash is on BF's Tivo so we should be able to get through that one. Capote and Walk the Line are both still at various theaters around town, but Munich and Good Night and Good Luck aren't here anymore. Hmm.

On a completely unrelated note, i learned how to download through Bit Torrent this week. BF has very specific morals when it comes to downloading: nothing that is still in theaters, anything he already has a copy of is free game, as is anything that he could Tivo. so, last week's Lost? No problem. Narnia? No way.

that is all. Have to go get laundry.


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