Poor BF

BF likes to drink. He likes being out, hanging with people and talking. Tonight I pulled him out of the bar at about 7 as we were going to catch a fast dinner then go see a movie at 8. He got to the car fine and we drove off. We hadn't been in the car 5 minutes when it started.

"Oh GOD oh god oh god"

he got dizzy. BF HATES being dizzy, while I feel it is the best part of getting really drunk. He gets dizzy, then starts getting sick to his stomach. While I don't like my stomach hurting or anything, I don't get anywhere near as squealy about it as he does. He fights throwing up so he just moans and starts going "please stop oh I hate this" over and over again.

I am not sure if it has ever actually helped.

so we went back to BF's and now he's laying on his bed; first too cold, then too hot. He won't drink any juice or gatorade or eat anything. Not even crackers. He probably got sick because he hadn't eaten anything since about 10 and drank from 3-7. Something like that at least.

going to go make some soup for myself and catch up on my reading I think.

currently: listening to bf moan and the olympics


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