Spoilers Are Fun

Finished Jesusland. Wow. Very good. very heavy. And so so painfully sad. I knew what was going to happen at the end and was almost relieved about the manner in which it occured. There is just so much buildup and you just know some thing really really bad is going to happen. And it doesn't. but it does.

Finished State of War as well. Also very heavy but in a "oh shit i can't believe the people running this place are that fucking stupid" kinda way. Also a good read but parts are very technical.

I really liked Home at the End of the World as well. I am very attracted to stories about the families people make rather than the ones they are born with. Maybe that is why i am so into Wes Anderson movies. It is weird because my own family situation is very good but several of my friends have very poor relationships with parents/siblings, etc. Just an area of interest to me. But Home also ends sadly. I do sort of have a prob with stories with characters that are like "everything is great i am so happy something must be wrong". But overall it was nice. Much less sex than i had heard. I heard the movie had plenty and figured i'd see that in the novel. Not so much though.

We also saw Brokeback Mountain a few weeks ago. Me and BF and my friend Donna and her girlfriend Crystal. I had read the story several months ago when i heard the movie was coming out (heehee). Wondered how they were going to turn a 20 page short story into a full movie. It also was excellent but ever so sad. Go see it. i just cried and cried. Not as much as when i saw AI but still.

Guess i will try to start something more happy. Have The Warrior-Prophet by R. Scott Bakker. I also have A Clash of Kings by George R R Martin. Some nice high fantasy.


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