Why Getting LOST Is Good

I am not normally a big TV watcher. Last season i was going to check it out and then ended up missing the first few episodes. By that time i had read a few reviews (Entertainment Weekly subscription) about how awesome/complex/cool the show was. So i made a choice about it. Instead of watching from that point in the season, I figured that i would just stop reading about it and hope it came out on DVD before the second season started. I was right about it coming out before the new season began. I got the box on the Tuesday it came out and that night watched 6 episodes. Keep in mind that i get off work at 7:30 and by the time i went to Best Buy, came home, made and ate dinner it was at least 9.

I was addicted from the first episode. i tore through the 24 eps in about a week. then watched the commentary eps again. and all the extras. i NEVER watch extras. couldn't wait for the season to start, which it did about a month later.

so why is it so good? Better minds than mine have analyzed it. Characters that are multi-faceted. Depth in the storytelling. Not letting us know any more about the Island than the characters do. Giant smoke monsters that eat people. All the mysteries that are so carefully unfolding. the fact that EVERYTHING matters, even when you think it doesn't.

perfect example. in ep 2 this season, Michael and Sawyer are on the remains of the raft. Michael points out Sawyer's gun and tells him it won't work now that it has gotten wet. Sawyer says it will work, popping the clip out to verify that the shells are themselves dry. At that point the shark bumps the raft and several bullets fall into the water. Later Michael shoots a few times at the shark. By the end of the episode there is one bullet left in the clip. The next episode Anna Lucia ends up taking the gun from Sawyer; several episodes later she uses the gun, with the 1 bullet, to kill Shannon. Sawyer drops one more bullet in the water-Shannon lives. Michael empties the clip at the shark-Shannon lives. Sawyer gets another shot off at the Others in the season 1 finale-Shannon lives. Jack doesn't give Sawyer the gun at all-Shannon lives. Anna Lucia gets trigger happy during the walk instead of at the end-Shannon lives.

It is the attention to detail that is incredible. They must go over the episodes like fanboys go over shows.

And it never answers anything all at once. find out what's in the Hatch? ok but all that does is open another hundred questions. find out where the drug plane came from? ok but how the heck did it get from Africa to the South Pacific? find out what happened to the tail section? ok but why did the plane crash in the first place?

I could go on for another page about the characters but i won't for now. Suffice to say i am in love with them all.

watch LOST!!!


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  2. Anonymous24/2/06 14:19

    that show hooked my asss too, and i don't usually watch tv. Eileen and I are going to get the DVDS once the price drops.


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