25 March 2006

BF Is Funny

Sometimes stuff happens and I remember why I like BF so much. It is his sarcasm, his off-the-cuff comments, his insane sense of humor. He may not be the lovey-dovey guy that I sometimes wish he was but when it comes to making me laugh I couldn't ask for better.

Today we went to the mall; first we went into Linen's and Things to look for a wine rack (BF is trying to get into wine) and then we went to Victoria's Secret. The only thing I ever buy there is underwear because their bras don't fit me right. BF is cool about going into places like that, possibly because I so rarely drag him with me to anything girly. So I pick out some underwear and am checking out when I notice 3 boys who were about 11 or so just wandering through the store. BF sees me look at them then walks up with a huge smile and says
"They came up and asked me if I was shopping for my wife. I said no, I just like to come in and touch things."
I about died laughing then. I kept telling him he better hope their mothers didn't hear him (apparently they didn't) and that I couldn't believe he said that to kids. I told him he needs to watch out that he doesn't contribute to the delinquency of minors.

Love him anyway though.

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