Thanks NIT!! They had the Snakes on a Plane trailer updated today so I finally got to watch. Oh it looks bad!! :) Really bad. I have seen better CGI on Star Wars fan films. Either this is a way early cut that will be improved on or I predict this will be the biggest unintentional comedy of the last few years. Last big unintentional comedy we saw was Jeepers Creepers.

Still winning my brackets over on Yahoo. YIPPEE!! Just by a point right now; everything looks pretty good although UCONN and Boston College were fucking with me on Sunday. I am beating BF, BF's dad, and BF's brother. Fun!

Went to see V for Vendetta on Saturday. On IMAX. So ultra fucking sweet. I have been craving this movie ever since BF heard it was coming out. BF is the biggest Matrix fan ever. He got the comic several months ago which I finally read about Christmas. I love Alan Moore's stuff in general and this one is just so topical. We always hang for the credits and at the end was the typical blurb about how any similarity between the movie and any people, places or events is purely coincidental. ***SMIRK*** While the original dealt with Margaret Thatcher's England in the 80's there were definitely enough tweaks and updates to make it very obvious who and what they're condemning. Will definitely be seeing it again; even BF wants to see it again and he NEVER goes to see movies twice in the theater.

Currently: rewatching the pilot of LOST.


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