Funny Vid

I am definitely a guy's kinda girl. It's not just the football, basketball, beer drinking and swearing. It's the little things, like knowing the difference between an Autobot and a Decepticon, being able to defend the position that Leia in a metal bikini is so way hotter than Padme in her dominatrix outfit, knowing who the original X-men were, knowing how many Robins there have been, appreciating the excellence that is South Park. guys at work are always bringing me stuff to read ranging from The Sentry graphic novel to The Big Book Of Bad. so much so that i am pretty much not reading much of my own stuff i bring anymore. Today someone brought me a link to this vid. so very very cool.

but while there, i also found a link to this one, which is also funny. the quality on it is not so great tho; I bet it would have been equally cool with the Street Fighter 2 background music.

And thanks to Nashville Is Talking for linking to me last Thursday!!


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