I Love Best Buy

So after buying my new computer on Saturday, I opened the paper Sunday and saw it was on sale for $100 less. But in fine print on the same page it also said "excludes previous purchases". hmmm. I figured I would take my receipt back and give it a shot though, as it was a significant amount to come back. So due to my work schedule and other stuff going on I had to go this morning to see about the refund. I was there right at 10 when they opened, receipt in hand, ready to make a fuss about the price.

I was nice to the service desk girl; explained my new computer had gone on sale the day after I bought it and could I get the difference back? She took my receipt, scanned it, and said "oh, it's actually 200 less. Total refund is 218.92, do you want that on the Best buy credit card or gift card?"

WHOA! SWEET! AWESOME! In 5 mins I cut my Best Buy credit card bill almost in half.

On another note, BF and I are going camping this weekend. Not camping camping but staying in a cabin at a state park. Should be fun. No internet or TV for about 3 days. Will I survive? Will I kill BF? I will update on Sunday with the answers.


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