Late Night Blogging

Went and hung at Bosco's tonight. BF has a mug there and we usually go on most Fridays, while BF sometimes goes other nights too. Pretty fun crowd there but of course was crazy busy. Had to leave because I had a tummy ache. I only had 2 beers early but I think I went to long without eating, then when I ate it just made it worse.

I heard Snakes on a Plane had a trailer out but I cannot find it anywhere. UGH!

I am winning my brackets so far. I'm on Yahoo Tournament Pick'em with BF and a few others. I always suck really bad, having just 1 team in the Final Four which doesn't go any further. This year I tried to be serious. I pulled up Dick Vitale's picks, threw in some stuff I read of ESPN about 12 seeds beating 5's every year and your Final Four teams total seeds needing to be between 7 and 15, added a dash of who I had heard of and BAM I am number one in our group so far.

Happy St Patrick's Day!!


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