Made It Through The Weekend Fine

BF and I survived the weekend together. Had a good time and I will probably post pictures in the next few days.

couple quick things.

Chef is leaving South Park! Seems like this is a bad breakup; I shudder to think what they'll do to get rid of the character. My bet is a very messy, embarrassing death.

I so like Boondocks. Apparently so does someone who runs concessions in Illinois, now I can eat a Luther!! I wonder how many homemade ones have been eaten since that episode came out and how many of those people were stoned when they ate them! I don't even eat red meat and I am curious if these are any good. Does anyone know?

Snopes proves The Colbert Report wrong!! Last week Colbert mentioned a report that said that the natural blonde was dying out and proceeded to plan out how we can advance the blonde race. Very funny stuff. Although I know it is a fake news show, that really was a fake news item. Turns out there was never any study that came to that conclusion or one done at all.

I am exhausted. Going to crash now and watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


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