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Hooray! I bought a new laptop today. Much love to BF for helping me pick it out and purchase, as the guys at Best Buy, though nice, probably would have talked me into buying a bunch of extras that i didn't really need.

it is a Gateway MX6421 with an AMD Turion processor, 512 MB DDR, 80 GB HDD, etc etc.

Am too terribly excited. The girl who was checking me out asked about what i was going to use if for and i had to fish about for an answer. Technically i didn't absolutely have to purchase a laptop as a new desktop would have been better for cheaper probably. I really did want the portability though, as BF just has a desktop and this will work well for plane/car trips. Also, until we move in together in May it will be ultra-nice to be able to tote my computer now to BF's to use with all my stuff on it rather than fight him for his and still not have my bookmarks, lists, etc on it.

currently: watching the UNC-Duke game


  1. Anonymous1/4/06 07:20
    aka: don j

    Hi, I just got one too, the mx6421 that you'll have a hard time finding on the gateway site. But I have spent hours reading up on the thing, everything and everywhere (how I found your site).

    I think, after comparing everything thats out there, feature for feature, this is an awesom little computer for the price. Most other 300-400 $ next level computers, only adding just a little processor speed, and again, only a marginal amt of memory.

    The wireless card, 802.11g, is the latest and best card to have. I m currenly using wifi, and not problems at all! Wait till you take yours to a hotspot, you'll be amazed at the speed.

    The first thing I did (couldn't wait to do), was play a couple of movies. WEll there was a problem with the sound, not being loud enough, but the sound was great with the windows media player. So I don't know if its a glitch with the program that plays the DVD's, that the sound can't be adjusted up, or that I just don't know how to do it. I m planning on using headphones to see if that makes a difference. But as a DVD player, this is great! So on your trips you can watch DVDS on a nice screen, instead of the little ones on portable DVD players.

    The battery life is only projected to be a year, to a yr and a 1/2. The really bad thing is, to replace the battery costs, $150. Wow! I wish it just took 'c' or 'd' sized batteries. Thats why the general advice is, keep it always plugged in, to run off household power. Use your battery spairingly, but it is supposed to run 5-8 hrs off of just battery.

    One other comment I read, and have noticed too. Is how hot this machine gets. I try and keep my elevated to allow air to circulate under the machine.

    Peeling the labels off, the one on the screen was easy, plus the big one on the left, the little ones are superglued on, and were a bit difficult to get off, and left glue behind.

    If your going to mostly keep your laptop in one place, I rec'm getting/useing a seperate keyboard and mouse. Its just soooooo much easier and comfortable. And very easy to unplug for travel.

    One of the first things I did, was a 'disk defragment" and disk clean-up, mine needed it, yours might too or maybe not. When you run the analsis, the program will make a reccomendation as to what to do. I had bestbuy erase the unnessary junk out of the machine.
    Plus you might want to,'under internet options', reset the history folder, to delete more often that what they have it set for. Gets the junk out faster, that way.

    The touch mouse and up and down feature on the mouse, were a bit sensitive, but probility because it is new, I guess once it gets broken it, it'll calm down.

    Well...what a great little laptop. My last laptop, lasted for years with never any problems. This one is nice and solid, steardy, well built. I expect to have it for a good long time.

    write if you want, I travel, so if I don't reply quickly, I will at one or another truckstops I come to. But it may take some time.

    Bye, hope I didn't ramble too much.
    But, enjoy!!!! your computer.

    don j

  2. Anonymous1/4/06 20:36

    don j

    Hi again, two more things.

    The price at Bestbuy, I was reading how one person bought one before they marked them down $150, they are now $799. If you paid more, bestbuy should refund the dif.

    Hence the reallly great computer for the money, nothing comparible until you reach the $1200 level.

    Have fun downloading the newer version of the movie DVD player, the 2.6 version. I succeeded, and yes it is awhole lot better. The only advice is, be sure and hit 'save', not 'run', and it will store it, (at least on mine) under 'desktop' and I had to go there to launch the program.

    Well the upgrade is great. Annoying to install, but worth the effort. And reading between the lines of the DVD player site, even they suggest using headphones. These tiny speakers in the machine really don't do much. I might even hook my external speakers up. They are cheap to get, under $20 usually.

    About the DVD player, when using yours, make sure the 1st (original) doesn't run simulainious in addition with the upgrade. I had to close the original out, then the upgrade was underneith it.

    Well this is the media ed. for fun and entertainment. it is nice.

    I noticed you live in Nashville, I used to live in Memphis. I moved to Salt Lake City, UT. Less rain, but more snow. I miss the water that Memphis had, spring water, out west here, its all hard water.

    Well alrighty then, have fun, bye for now, about time to get truckin again!

    don j


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