A New Project

So I have been reading a lot of different blogs recently and decided a need some sort of project or goal for mine, as well as just using it for a place to bullshit. I have been thinking for the last few weeks about this. I have read some really interesting ones, involving an atheist going to church, a family's trip to India, English language pet peeves and proper usages, raising humanist kids, and a skier in Colorado who takes great pictures. Just a few random ones I have read.

I thought and thought. I am a reader so I thought about reading all Shakespeare's plays or everything Dickens wrote but I already read too much and am trying to do that less. I like music but catching up on my CD collection would be expensive. I considered going to all the historical markers in Davidson County but decided that would be a while and use too much gas.

then it came to me. I am really into movies. There are plenty of older ones and classics I haven't gotten around to seeing. I have a netflix account, so I decided to watch all the Best Pictures, in order, beginning with the first one from 1927. Some I have seen; I feel for completeness sake I should watch those again. BF said I should also watch the nominated ones from the same year but they used to nominate a lot more than 5, so no way. I perused the list from Wikipedia and found some surprises.

Movies I am surprised I won't get to see:
--Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: Gone With The Wind won in 1939
--Citizen Kane, The Maltese Falcon, Suspicion: Never seen Kane and something called How Green Was My Valley won that year.

Some I am NOT looking forward too:
--The Greatest Show on Earth: 1952. a circus movie. Enough said.
--West Side Story: 1961, a musical, ugh. I had to sit through some of this in high school for some reason as it's based on Romeo and Juliet. All I can say is gang-bangers don't dance. period.
--My Fair Lady:1964. Another musical
--The Sound of Music: 1965. What the hell was wrong with the 60's? Wasn't there supposed to be great cinema then? Am I just confusing it with the 70's?
--Rocky: 1976. Never mind. I suppose the first one isn't that bad but has been tainted by all the horrible, very bad, no good sequels.
--Annie Hall:1977. I heard this was the first romantic comedy. I hate romantic comedies.
--Shakespeare In Love: 1998. cross dressing romance. Having never seen it, I just can hope they don't sing.

A few that I am glad I don't have to watch:
--The Wizard of Oz: I remember, long ago, when there was no cable. You had to watch whatever movie happened to be on TV. For some reason the Powers That Be apparently felt that this needed to be shown constantly. in crappy scraggly-ass signal static vision. If I had to watch I would cheat on this one and throw Dark Side of the Moon on.
--Love Story:1970. Love means never having to say you're sorry? Only if you've never been in love.
--Working Girl: 1988. I may share her first name but I can't stand Melanie Griffith.
--Jerry Maguire: 1996. Another romantic comedy. Thank goodness I'll be watching The English Patient instead. Romantic tragedies are so much better.

My first movie, Wings, is now on its way to me courtesy of amazon resellers.


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