Searching Searching

So about a month or so ago BF invited me to live with him once he moves in may. So the last few weeks we have been looking. First the roommate wasn't coming with, now he is. So first we were searching for a two bedroom, now a three. Looking is exhausting. I haven't moved in 4 years really, 3 yrs ago May I went from a two bedroom with a roommate to a one bedroom in the same place so that doesn't really count. Back when my old roomie and I chucked in into Antioch from Murfreesboro she really took charge of the move. Donna is good like that.

I have been calling places all morning and have a bunch of appointments set for tomorrow. We just have such specific search criteria: 3 bedroom, 2 bath, near Hillsboro village/green hills area, on the bus line, $1200/month or less. We've even been looking at houses. You'd be amazed how many 3 bedroom houses only have 1 bathroom.

I am ready for a nap. Ugh.


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