Water Water Everywhere?

Reading Truthout this morning. Looks like the post-apocalyptic Mad Max future is creeping closer every day!! Two articles under this link; the first about where water war may spring up going forward, the second about the British Armed forces looking at contingency plans for such water wars. that is all going to suck. really really suck.

Can't we just put up a bunch of desalination plants? You know, like in Sim City?

BF's birthday today. He's all old. :) I managed to get out of work at 4 and we ran around and ended up eating at PF Chang's in Cool Springs. went by Best Buy to look at the laptop i am going to get this weekend. Yay!! am so excited. I have never bought a computer; i always got second hand ones when other people bought new ones. so this is going to be cool. I have $580 in Best Buy cards so will have a good chunk paid for already. Will probably get this one, but this one is ultra-sweet. will see what i end up getting.


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