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All Moved In

I can't believe it has been 3 weeks since I posted last. Moving moving moving. We are now in the new place and I am loving it. We actually started moving in Friday May 5 but we had the majority of our things moved on the 6th. The indoor pic is the living room before we had unpacked much. It is a telling fact that first we had the Direct TV going, then we started working on the bathroom. Living with BF so far isn't much different than almost living with him before. One thing I did to delay packing up was put books on my LibraryThing. I had about 40 paperbacks in a box that was open and only about half full. Some I remember I had and some I did not. I found out a lot of random things about myself. and my collection and my tastes. My Mercedes Lackey books look like there is no logic or reason behind my choices. In fact there is: I only purchased the ones the Nashville Library didn't have! I love my favorites too much. My copy of The Vampire Lestat is underlined and