so, a refresh

i feel bad. i used to write on here at a respectable rate. while i may not have posted everyday like BF, i did feel i updated at least regularly. There really were several reasons why i just stopped: i got out of the habit when i moved in May as I had so many other things to do at that time; i organized our trip to Portland, OR in late May and June; i got deep into World of Warcraft in July and thereafter; BF and i have been dealing with his health problems since October.

so i am trying to at least get back in the habit of getting on here on a semi regular basis. I read a lot, frequently i get through a book in 2 days at work when it is slow between calls. And i can never remember a year later what all i read unless i pick it up again and flip through and refresh my memory. so i am going to start really logging everything i read on here and while not exactly reviewing at least give a short appraisal of it.

so here goes.
Last week i read Birth: The Surprising History of How We Are Born. I enjoyed it. It described the role of midwives and later doctors during birth and really pointed out the ways in which the culture and time a woman lived in determined greatly what kind of experience she had during labor and delivery. One of the statistics that i was stunned by was the death rate of women before the 1900s, it was only about 1 in 100 as an average while some midwives had even better personal rates; in addition the death rate of infants was only another 1-2%. I had always heard about how horrible and dangerous childbirth was before doctors, anaesthesia and prenatal care. while it was awful to be in that 1-3%, i would have thought it was more like 15-25% of births had problems. Keep in mind as well that right now in the US we still have 9.3 babies die per 1000 at birth so we are hardly any better. We are a lot better on the mother side, as in 2000 the rate was 17 mother deaths for every 100,000 births.

I also reread The Alienist by Caleb Carr. I have read this one a couple times already. Good for someone who likes 19th Century detective stories and serial killer "profiling" works.

On the music side I also recently bought The Features: Exhibit A and Howlin' Wolf: His Best. Both excellent.


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