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light reading

I haven't read a true "romance" novel in a while. My boss brought me one to read: Knight of Darkness by Kinley MacGregor. It took me a while to get into but wasn't bad. I do have to say that i have read better Harry Potter fan fiction. I believe it is part of a series and is not the first as it definitely has the feeling when you start it that you've missed something. Also read The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers. It was for one of my yahoo groups and i didn't particularly like it. It was another one from multiple points of view. Also another where some of the "twists" are pretty visible far out. I did at least like the main character. One thing i thought was weird was the jacket copy for the volume i had. I got it from the library here so it is an older copy. The jacket copy just goes on and on about what an outstanding book this is, how it is "a lasting achievement in American Literature" and other hyperbole. that type of thing just

2 Down

Finished 2 books. A humor one: the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. The Zombie Guide was hilarious. I bought it for a friend for Christmas because i figured he would like it and he recommended it back to me. It is set up like a serious survival book and even has a section on previous known outbreaks. Always remember: head shots are best but sledgehammers don't need to be reloaded. A serious one about a humorous subject: South Park and Philosophy , edited by Robert Arp (the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series). It was interesting but not as good as some of the other previous philosophy books i have read. i would have to agree with most of the reviews. The majority of the essays take an episode, give a synopsis, then argues a philosophical position using the episode for examples. That is not what i want. I want these articles to dissect South Park's philosophy and philosophical positions. I normally read the Popular Culture and Philosophy series and have r

Ender's Game

Finished Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. I really really liked it. I am not sure how i missed this one growing up as i inhaled a LOT of crappy sci-fi in middle school; must have just not had anyone to point me to some of the good stuff. The book is apparently a teen-level read and as such reminded me of the Harry Potter series. There is no magic but the idea that these adults are training children to fight their battles is similar. The adults in Card's novel are manipulative, hurtful and not to be trusted which is a big theme in the HP series too. One interesting tidbit: this book first came out in 1977 but the children on Earth spend their time using laptops to go on the internet and play interactive games. Precognition? Currently: watching UK play Kansas.

Wild Seed

Just finished Wild Seed by Octavia Butler. Didn't particularly like it. The two main characters are immortals, the woman, Anyanwu, by constantly reorganizing her cellular structure, the man, Doro, by transferring his spirit from one body to another. They are set up in opposition but the woman allows herself to be placed under the man's control even though she knows she can get away and she cannot stand how he kills. I know it is sci fi but we also never get any real explanation as to why Doro has to kill. He just does. And the reader is supposed to feel sorry for Doro in some way but he never does anything worthy of our feelings. Maybe i am just not getting the metaphors; woman is creator, nurturer, healer while man is conqueror, taker, dominator.

The Shins

Went to see The Shins last night at the Ryman. Very good show. Opening act was also from Portland, OR and called Viva Voce. The lead singer looked like a tan Meg White but hotter and sounded like Liz Phair. she also played kick ass guitar. The Shins were cool. lead singer has a great voice.

Surfing Fun

Saw Ben and Jerry on The Colbert Report the other night and signed up for their organization Found this movie about oreo cookies. Enlightening, and filling!

Anne Bishop

Finished both Heir to the Shadows and Queen of the Darkness earlier this week. More fantasy fun. I hadn't intended to read Queen until my book group got around to it but it is really a trilogy that you need to read in series. Am almost finished with about 5 other books so will post as i complete them. On a music note, BF and I are going to the Shins concert tomorrow. Should be a blast. Yes, i first heard them when BF had me watch Garden State. However i have loved their music ever since.

Michael Shermer

I have found a new skeptic to read! YAY! I finished Why People Believe Weird Things by Michael Shermer last week. I really enjoyed it. My favorite Carl Sagan book after Cosmos (which is everybody's favorite) is The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark and Shermer's book is similar in form. It was definitely a book i needed to read right now with the whole "creation science" thing going on. Made me feel good about knowing about science and being able to think and reason. The author is the publisher of Skeptic magazine. So now I have a new magazine subscription and another list of books to read. Hooray! :) also finished a fun reread Daughter of the Blood by Anne Bishop . A Yahoo group i am in is reading the second of the series so i figured i would reread these. Fun brain candy. It is a wonderfully detailed world of magic and fantasy, intrigue and romance. Reading good books is like having a conversation with the most distinguished men of