2 Down

Finished 2 books. A humor one: the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. The Zombie Guide was hilarious. I bought it for a friend for Christmas because i figured he would like it and he recommended it back to me. It is set up like a serious survival book and even has a section on previous known outbreaks. Always remember: head shots are best but sledgehammers don't need to be reloaded.

A serious one about a humorous subject: South Park and Philosophy, edited by Robert Arp (the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series). It was interesting but not as good as some of the other previous philosophy books i have read. i would have to agree with most of the reviews. The majority of the essays take an episode, give a synopsis, then argues a philosophical position using the episode for examples. That is not what i want. I want these articles to dissect South Park's philosophy and philosophical positions. I normally read the Popular Culture and Philosophy series and have really enjoyed them. The best of that series are the Matrix ones and the Lord of the Rings volume. That series also now has a South Park volume so it is on my wish list. For a complete list of the philosophy i own check out my library thing page and search tags for philosophy.

Currently: wishing i had done the girlie thing and just picked higher seeds for the whole tournament.


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