Making Some Progress

I decided to not finish Imperial Life in the Emerald City by Rajiv Chandrasekaran. I am racking up library charges as i cannot renew it. I had gotten about 80% done and really just hit a wall. It was depressing and a lot of the info i had read on various online news sites, seen on the Daily Show, or read in other books. I highly recommend Babylon by Bus by Ray Lemoine, Jeff Neumann and Donovan Webster. It is a story of 2 friends who sell tee shirts at Red Sox games who go to Iraq to help with the rebuilding and the experiences they have. Great as purely a travelogue but also an excellent view of the ridiculous errors made by the US.

I finished The Bone Doll's Twin by Lynn Flewelling for a yahoo group. WONDERFUL! It is the first in a series and after I finished it last night i had to get on the computer to look up the rest of them and see if i could determine if one of the characters in the first novel survived. The person is mentioned in the later book blurbs, YAY! I have become George R R Martin fan recently and this one did remind me of his Song of Ice and Fire series. On the Amazon reviews there were a couple of complaints about stock characters (evil king, bad wizard/good wizard, hidden rightful ruler) but it is a fantasy book. That type of criticism to me would be like complaining that a sci-fi novel had robots and space battles. Or that a TV drama had cops, doctors and lawyers. I check out any of those things and that is what i expect to find. LOST excluded :)

Also finished Book Lust by Nancy Pearl. I now have about 80 more books to read just based on a slow skim. Not really a book to read but more to use as a guide for more real reading. I feel like i have read a lot in my 30 years but the majority of the books mentioned I hadn't read or heard of. Banged my ego a bit.

Stuntman Mike: There are few things fetching as a bruised ego on a beautiful angel.

saw it. LOVED it. On a first watching i liked Planet Terror (rodriguez, zombies) better than Death Proof (tarantino, cars). However i think that once i get it on dvd that may change. Also, $4.37/movie isn't bad.


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