Trying to Catch Up

I finished Alternatives to Sex by Stephen McCauley. I thought it was quite good. It has a "pre-ending" rather than an ending but it really worked well with the plotline and the characters. I would really recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind unlovable main characters and doesn't have to have all the stories tidied up at the end.

Did get a great quote from it, on rich people's kids.

Children were being raised to believe that everything they said and did and thought was interesting and valuable, but since learning is essentially an admission that there's something you don't yet know, most were stuck with the misconceptions and faulty information they'd picked up at age five.

I have about 8 books that i am close to finishing (less than 100 pages left) and i really am going to try to get done in the next few days. So i may have a bunch to post but not that i technically read in the time between posts.


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