World War Z

I FINALLY finished World War Z by Max Brooks. It was a good, interesting read. Nowhere near as funny as the Zombie Survival Guide by the same author. It is a series of fictional interviews with survivors of a global zombie uprising. What happened with this book happens to me sometimes. I liked it and read all but the last 30 pages in just 3 sittings. Then those last 30 pages sat and looked at me for weeks. I just could never sit down and finish the damn thing. I have had about 2 chapters to go in A Scanner Darkly for about 6 months. I just can't manage to finish it up.

random notes:
Have a flickr page now.

haven't been reading as much right now as i have a different work schedule. i now work from 5 am to 1:30 pm and am not getting near enough sleep. so while i hardly do anything for the first 2 hours i am so tired i really can't concentrate for real reading. also have a dog now which needs lots of walks for the potty training.

currently: waiting terribly impatiently for HARRY POTTER.


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