Booking through Thursday, A Day Late

I found this site while wandering through several other book blogs off of the Riping Yarns site list.

Buy a Friend a Book Week is October 1-7 (as well as the first weeks of January, April, and July). During this week, you’re encouraged to buy a friend a book for no good reason. Not for their birthday, not because it’s a holiday, not to cheer them up–just because it’s a book.

What book would you choose to give to a friend and why?

This is actually a hard one. Most of my friends aren't readers exactly and have pretty different tastes than mine. So anything i really like they wouldn't. I did buy the guy i am kinda separated from a book this week about personal finance, setting up a budget, savings because he really needs help on that front. I got it from TJ Maxx so i spent all of $5. I suppose for him i could also get him one of these relationship books i am thumbing through. Or possibly a graphic novel.


  1. I really like buying books as gifts, even for non-readers. I consider it a challenge. :)

  2. Seems like the perfect book for him and if he learns from it, it'll be $5 well spent, won't it?

    And it was a nice gesture on your part.



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