Harry Potter

I actually read Deathly Hallows within 4 days of release, i just wasn't able to post about it until now.

I absolutely loved it! Though i know which bits will be cut during the movie i felt it was a damn good read. I began crying in the lead up to the Battle of Hogwarts and didn't stop until i closed the cover. I felt so strongly for Harry throughout but the maturity and the bravery he showed towards the end were amazing.

I have to say my plan was to read this and then reread the series back to back. Haven't quite managed that but i have reread Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. The biggest thing i noticed is how much the reading level of the books has increased. They aren't just longer as you get later in the series, they become so much more complex stylistically and are at higher reading difficulty.

am about halfway through Chamber of Secrets so i'll try to finish that one up soon.


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