My Reading for the Rest of the Year

So this morning i am going over my groups, challenges, library on holds and other books i'm wanting to finish to figure out how much i need to read the rest of the year. I'm a little concerned i'm not going to finish! i have at this point:
  • 2 books left for RIP
  • 5 for Armchair Traveler Challenge
  • 1 a month for Fantasy Favorites Group
  • 1 a month for Classic Scifi Group
  • 1 a month for Thematic Classics Group
  • 3 in my queue at the library
  • 2 i have already from the library and am trying to finish
  • 5 books that i have either started recently or just bought that i want to get through

wow! that makes a total of 26 books to finish out the year. and that doesn't count any self-help/coping with relationships books that i will go through (i have 2 now). And i was wanting to reread Harry Potter! I guess HP is out for the foreseeable future. I figure i can at least squiggle in 2 of my other books to fit in the Thematic Classics Group. i'll probably miss out on one from both Classic Scifi and Fantasy Favorites as the library here doesn't have one of the upcoming reads for each. so that gets me down to 22. as there are 13 weeks left in the year starting September 30 that works out to 1.7 books per week. That doesn't sound so bad now. I did try to pick some less than 400 pagers for the Armchair Travel challenge and none of my in queue books are really fat.

But i do need to read more at work for sure if i want to get through all this! :)


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