Happy Halloween!!

Hope this is a sufficiently in-the-spirit type story:

When i was a kid my brothers and i had records. Records are like cd's in that they are round and hold music or audio but they are much bigger, dark in color and use a needle to play the music or audio off of it. One of the ones we had and loved was a recording of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Boris Karloff. it was wonderful. Not the stupid Disney creation but the real story. The B-side was Rip Van Winkle and I think we may have listened to that only a few times. We loved Sleepy Hollow though. Karloff, of course, had a great spooky deep voice and the sound effects of wind, the clopping of the horse hooves and the creaky bridge were terrifying. He made Ichabod Crane's final ride through that covered bridge an intense, harrowing experience.

I wonder how much this record shaped my development and taste for scary.


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