I am in LOVE

with a bookstore of all things! lol.

So a few Sundays ago i had a really bad day. I was really really upset with the BF (ex? what do you call the person you are separated from when both parties are trying to work things out?) when i got off work. crying, sniffly, not even attempting to keep it together upset. I didn't want to go see him, nor did i want to go to the house i am staying at where my friend lives as i didn't want to have to explain. So i drove down to Cool Springs and just wandered. There are so many little shopping strips down there it is too hard to keep track of what is in everything. So i pulled in one to go to Dick's Sporting Goods and saw a huge sign for Book Gallery HALF PRICE BOOKS. "hmm," i thought, "i read. and half price is better than full." so i go in to check it out.

This store stunned me! they had a HUGE classics section and though i haven't heard of some of the publishers (wordsworth?) any classics i can get unabridged i will take. So that day i just purchased Madame Bovary and Wuthering Heights just as possible reads for next year and spent maybe $6.50. So today i went back and said i would spend only 20 before taxes. well, for 20.50 i got Emma, The Moonstone, Anna Karenina, Cryptonomicon and Our Mutual Friend. It may not be the best place to pick up a specific book (their sci-fi/fantasy section is big on Tolkein and hardbacks but not a lot else) but for just wandering or beefing up your collection it is incredible. Also, brand new hardbacks are probably cheaper through amazon. But i don't want hardbacks. I want stuff i can throw on paperback swap if i don't like it. And a brand new trade paperback of Anna Karenina that doesn't have Oprah's name on it is certainly worth 3.99. To top it all off, I also found out they have a big store in the Bellevue Mall. while that mall isn't as creepy as 100 Oaks, i think i have just been in once or twice so i am not surprised i missed it.

On a semi-aside, one thing my Yahoo book groups talk about are their giant To Be Read stacks. Truly though, until this last year i hadn't ever had one. i pretty much bought books as i read them. while i might pick up one i knew i wanted to read a few weeks before i got around to it, rarely did i have more than one or two purchased and waiting to be read. Now library stacks i have always had but if i get where i am just renewing one and never get around to it i always just take it back. The last several months though have seen me sign up for amazon prime (so i can buy a book whenever i want and not pay shipping), go to the flea market, find paperbackswap.com, and now this new store. now i do really have about 14 books in a "too read" pile. eek! I do intend to sign up for the Russian Reading challenge as well as the TBR 2008 challenge so that should cover a good bit of my pile. At least i don't feel like i have the smallest Librarything list.


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