One more for Armchair Traveler Challenge

I finished Arrow of God by Chinua Achebe. It is a very different novel than the ones i have been reading recently. Completely outside of my experience. It is the story of Ezeulu, a Nigerian man in the 1920's who is the voice of his tribe's God. The novel is very culturally rich, in a way that i haven't read since college. This one reminded me of some of the ethnographies i read during my cultural anthropology classes. The customs, foods, stories and words really set up a sense of time and place. The story is a little slow but by the end everything gets tied up in a way that you see nothing could have been any different for the previous 200 pages. The book discusses English colonization of Nigeria and the spread of Christianity and how these things affect Ezeulu and his family.

I am really glad i read this one. If it hadn't been on my 1001 Books list i would never have picked it up.


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