Finished The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov. Or to be more accurate today i read The Caves of Steel, as i hadn't started it until this morning. and NO i didn't skip work again. I don't want to be written up. It is short, only about 275 small paperback pages with good size print. Solid mystery, very well written. I would have liked a little bit more after the detective solved the crime and presented his solution but I really enjoyed the novel.

The really weird part is, as i was going over amazon to pull the link for this post, i realized i haven't read anything by Asimov before. At least not any fiction. This is weird and kinda disturbs me. You see, way back in the 70's and early 80's, way back before cable, tivo, dvd players, home computers or video games more sophisticated than the Atari 2600, my parents were really big readers. Still are, for the most part. That is one of the gifts i am most grateful for from them: that reading is valuable, intelligence is important, and knowledge is wonderful. Anyway, my father is a huge sci-fi fan. We had stacks of sci-fi hardbacks and paperbacks. I tore through plenty of them between ages 9-14. Robots, space, aliens, colonies i really loved it. But somehow i don't think i read any Asimov. Did i just skip those? Did my dad not like his writing? Not sure, but now i've got more stuff to read.


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