So Banned Books?

ok, it's Banned Books Week! Let's go out and burn some books! WOO HOO!

Oh wait, is that NOT what happens on Banned Books Week?

Looking over the ALA website i saw a link for the most challenged authors from 1900-2004. Wondering who could be the most challenged, i clicked on it. Stephen King? J.K Rowling? Anne Rice? Darwin?

Nope. The most challenged author was Alvin Schwartz. Who the hell is that?

Let me assure you he is awesome. He wrote the SCARY STORIES series!!!! Dozens of creepy tales, urban legends, and ghost stories written at grade school level for children to spook themselves out with. I loved them when i was a kid. I can't believe those books are the most challenged out there in the US. These aren't any worse than plain old Grimm's Fairy Tales. I am so lucky my parents let me read whatever i wanted.


  1. The whole idea of banning books is ridiculous. I haven't read the Scary Stories but To Kill A Mockingbird has either been banned or challenged, both of which are utterly stupid.


  2. You know Grimm's were banned as well, right?

    To be fair, they just restricted them to 6th-8th grade levels at an AZ county's school, but still.


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