So I Went on A Trip...

the literal kind. The friends i am staying with went to Asheville and i went along too. Camping along the French Broad River was pretty but freezing. Visited a brewery and i was in the position of knowing the most about beer in the group. Downtown was lovely and busy! Found a GREAT chocolate store that i can order from online! Try the "blossom" or "ancient pleasure" ones under the Ecstasy Truffle label. yummy.

Took some pictures from our campsite.

so a question that always comes up in reading groups: what books would you plan on taking on a trip? some people seem to have a set answer, like there is a certain group of books they take that they know they like. some people seem to take just whatever they are reading in paperback at the time. I know i am a little different. It depends on the trip really for me. If i am going home to Louisiana that means i have a 10 hour drive each way. even if BF came with me i still drove the whole way usually. so if i brought a book at all it would be something small and not too engrossing as i would just be reading a little here and there when my family was busy or i got up too early. now if we were flying somewhere the best thing for me to do is get the most engrossing thick paper back i could find. i am not the best flyer yet so a brand new Stephen King, Mercedes Lackey, or George RR Martin would be perfect. Alternatively, a really good popular science does wonders for me too, like Carl Sagan or Jared Diamond.

This weekend's trip i took 2 new copies of Skeptic Magazine (i had my last 2 delayed in reaching me because i moved) as well as Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K Dick. I knew i was going to be riding much of the time on the drive to and from Asheville (i ended up driving only the last 170 miles back to Nashville) but that i wouldn't be reading much when we got there. I made it through both issues of Skeptic and about 4 chapters of my book so that is not too bad.

currently: resting after this trip.


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