Am I a loser?

I think i read plenty. i mean, i enjoy reading. i always have a book with me. everyone recommends books to me, even my therapist! I get to read at work when it's slow, i read while watching slow football games, i read super fast.

But some of you guys are making me feel terrible! I feel like the 3 challenges i'm signing up for for the beginning of the year, as well as the 3 yahoo book groups i'm in will keep me plenty busy for the next several months. but i am reading all these book blogs and i feel like a total wuss! Some of you guys have already signed up for like 6 or more for next year. ack! I mean, one of these for next year is for 64 books! i just don't know if i could plan on the next 100 or more books i am going to read. 25 or so, sure.

I applaud your stamina, your ambition, and your eyesight!


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