A Finished Audiobook

So i finished The Hobbit on audiobook Saturday and started working on Fellowship of the Ring. It is really different to listen to these in the car rather than reading. These are such familiar stories to me that i feel i shouldn't be reading (or in this case hearing) anything different. But each time i go back to them i do find little differences or things i don't remember from before. This is the first time i have revisited these since I reread the series after the movie version of Fellowship of the Ring came out.

I listened to these both while moving the BF to a different apartment complex. it was just a couple miles away but we didn't rent a big truck so we had lots of trips. i got lots of short little pieces at a time. strangely, i am getting used to reading like this as when i read at work i am taking calls and only get a few pages done between the calls.

currently: blah.


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