Finished Wuthering Heights

For a group read. Also a 1001 Book. I am so glad i finished it.

I hated it. Really. A LOT! My understanding is that this was one of the great classic romance novels. so what did i expect from a romance written in the early 1800's? Flirting that doesn't quite sound like flirting, "understandings", separations, conflicts of class, a happy ending. what did i get? An absolutely miserable character in Heathcliffe, an spoiled, whiny, adopted sister whom he is in love with (ugh) for no reason we can see. She loves him back, again for no real reason, but marries someone else. Heathcliffe disappears then shows back up rich (which is the one thing i WAS interested to find out about but we never do) and proceeds to cause his love/sister to die, marries her sister-in-law, makes her miserable. everyone has a kid, they grow up (and though the characters know Heathcliffe is scheming to try to get their estate, no one thinks to send the daughter away) and are made miserable too. Then everybody except 2 of the kids die. And then the 2 kids get married.

It was weird. And depressing. And probably didn't help my mood recently. And i put it on paperbackswap immediately.


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