Yes, i read something by John Grisham, Playing for Pizza. No, i am not a snob; i've read several of his when i was in high school. He is just not a great writer. He does a wonderful job on descriptions, of places, things, etc, but he doesn't do characters, or plots, that well at all. After about 3 chapters i knew exactly how the book would end, all but the nationality of the girl the main character ends up with.

That being said, this was a nice little read. However I would not recommend it at all to someone who has no interest in football. They won't get big chunks of this little book. The descriptions of food and Italy were wonderful.

I do have to admit that the travel bug has fully bitten me now. Yes, part of it is a deep desire to run away from the situation i am in. But yeah, part of me want to get a passport, brush up on my french, save up some cash, pay off my credit card, sell my car, sell all the rest of my stuff, quit my job and wander around Europe for months and months. After all, i have no kids, no house, no school loans, and if things don't work out with BF, then single too. I don't really have any reason NOT to do something like that. The little bit of things that i'd want to keep could safely be stored in various friends' houses or a small storage unit.

so maybe that is the new plan


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