Pop Culture and Philosophy

I so love this series. At a quick glance, i have 7 of them and there are about 2 more that i'd like. I just found out Quentin Tarantino and Philosophy comes out on Tuesday! Now i have to decide if i just want to get it or wait at least until after Christmas in case someone gets it for me.

Why do i like this series? Yeah, part of it is having them sit on the shelf, telling people that i understand deeper things than they do. So sue me. Part of it is to tell people that yes, there is something more to The Matrix than cool effects, there is something bigger in South Park than Cartman's ass. The main bit, though, is to realize why i like what i like. I read these to learn more about myself. I read to help myself think in bigger terms. I know i don't get all the allusions, deeper themes, etc, in the things i read and watch and it is nice to get them laid out for me. That reason is why i've watched the Matrix Trilogy with the Philosopher's Commentary. I want to know what i'm missing. i want to know what i don't know.

and yeah, i know this desire does show a bit about my personality. i'm working on that.


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