A Strange Moment

So yesterday i spent some time at my and bf's apartment, ostensibly to pack but really we watched tv. I left about 8:15 and drove to my friends' house i am currently staying at. Had a sad but not weepy drive. Just the sort of normal mid-level depression my life is at now.

after i had turned into the subdivision i'm staying in, i saw something i have never seen before. A bright green shooting star fell directly in front of me, at about 75 degree angle to the ground and intersected the horizon. I have never seen a green one, nor one that was not directly overhead. it was strange, disconcerting, to see.

Monday on the way to work i saw a fox. in the middle of the regular neighborhood i drive through in Nashville. That was in the middle of a severe crying jag as i drove (bad idea, leave me alone) and it startled me to see the fox.

I don't believe in God. I don't believe in fate. I don't believe in signs.

but these last few days have been weird.


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