Beowulf--The 3D Extravaganza!

So we went to see Beowulf last night on the wonderful IMAX screen. We hit the 9:30 show and as i had woken up about 6:15 am i was a little tired. Really affected me on the drive back more than during the movie.

Anyway. I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. I never had to read this one in school so i only kind of vaguely knew the story. BF did read it previously so he knew what was going on. I really expected a normal sort of fairy tale: hero fights monsters and after some trials wins, rescues a fair maid, gets treasure/land, lives happily ever after. But this one really wasn't. The story was far more melancholy than i thought. Really sad, especially the ending as we are shown this cycle we've just seen hasn't ended but simply restarted.

Of course the effects were incredible. i am actually tempted to go see it again on a regular screen just to see if it is any different. There are a lot of shots that i could see could have been added just for the 3D effect, like spurting blood. I would say it is the best whole movie i've seen in 3D but for sheer awesomeness the last 20 minutes of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which IMAX had in 3D were better.

currently: so so glad LSU pulled off the win against UT.


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