Golden Compass Movie

Had a wonderful day with BF yesterday. We hung out, did the shopping for everyday stuff thing and saw The Golden Compass. He was really nice and attentive and funny. We got to fuss over how to put together a kitchen cart. Hugs and kisses and cuddling under the blankets because of the cold. It really was one of the best days I've had in a while.

But enough with the mushiness. To the Movie.

A bit of a different experience reading the book and seeing the movie 2 days later. It made me quite concious of the differences between the 2. An experience i am going to repeat this week with I Am Legend. I liked the movie and it had wonderful special effects. The ice bears and the airship scenes were particularly good. I do understand, even if i don't particularly like, why the filmmakers shortened the book and changed the ending. It is really a setup for the next book in a planned series, like the end of Fellowship of the Ring. BF felt that the ending would really turn people off because he knew a few people who didn't watch the rest of Lord of the Rings because the first movie didn't have a clear cut end. But these are both TRILOGIES! Hence, there are 2 more installments after the first one. I would think people would be aware of that. But i guess if people didn't know that LOTR was 3 books 50 years after the first came out they may not know that His Dark Materials is a trilogy 12 years after it came out.

People is stupid.


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