Magic Study

Finished up another one. Magic Study by Maria Snyder. In this one, the main character from Poison Study travels to the country of her birth to learn to control her magic. Of course, we have a rollicking adventure along with the lessons. We get a lot more about the world of the stories. And we get the setup for the next book, due out in March. While the characters are not deeply drawn and the coincidences can be a little overdone, i am really enjoying this series so far. As far as i can tell these are the only books by this author.

So i've already received my Christmas present from my parents: a $75 gift card to Amazon. Whoopee! I've spent 25 so far buying a coffee grinder and the His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman. so i've got one (or possibly three) of my YA reads for next year.

Currently: waiting for the Heroes fall finale; hoping the South American chick is one of the ones to die.


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